Psychic Pet Finder

Sometimes it's easier to read pets than people. Animals are open and receptive, while people may be blocked and uncomfortable reveals Clairvoyant and Empath, Char, who gets a great deal of satisfaction ... read more

A Blissful Night In

Sometimes the thing we least want to do is what we need to do the most. Sure, a Friday night dinner with your best friends, a Saturday house party, a Thursday museum event or that wine tasting have allure. ... read more

Your Dog By Sign

So you've brought home a puppy, a wiggly bundle of love. Do you wonder what kind of personality your new friend has? Is it a wanderer or a homebody? Obedient or mischievous? Even if you have a longtime ... read more

Dating Over 35

Dating over 35? You mean you're not married? You find it hard to meet people - wow, I can't believe it! Over the years, our priorities shift, careers expand, interests change read more

A Mystic in the Barnyard

"Please don't laugh," the caller on the other end of the line pleaded, "but I'm sincerely afraid there might be something wrong with my bull. He's been acting mopey and strange and it worries me," ... read more

Down Boy, Down!

It's hard when someone at home doesn't approve of your choices. Even when that someone walks on all fours! Before you send either one of them to the pound, here are some ideas on what to do when your date ... read more
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