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It isn’t always easy for your Soul or Higher Self to let you know how and when to take the next steps in your evolution. That’s because your journey may take you to a new way of seeing, understanding and being in the world.

You literally have no prior references to build on, so, unless you wake up one morning and say to yourself, “Wow! I just realized it’s time to expand my soul, and I know exactly what steps to take,” your soul has to take a more indirect route to get your attention.

Because you’re being invited into unexplored territory, the imperative to expand your soul often has to make itself known through feelings of depression and boredom, a sense of dissatisfaction with your life or a gut-level conviction that something important is missing. Maybe you’ve been feeling this kind of vague unhappiness lately – how can you find out if it’s your soul talking? And, even more important, where can you find an itinerary for your next steps?

Open up…
One path would be to consult a psychic. Psychic gifts come from the ability to see, feel, hear or just plain know things that exist outside the conscious boundaries of our everyday world. In the process of refining and deepening their skills, psychics directly experience the eternal nature of consciousness and the individual soul, and they each, according to their individual beliefs and gifts, learn to receive, understand and interpret the directives of an individual’s “eternal being.”

Soul reading guide:
Here is how five different types of psychic readings can help you map the next stages of your soul’s expansion:

1. Spirit guides
By talking to your spirit guides (or theirs), psychics are able to connect with a level of consciousness that has easy access to your soul’s or higher self’s vision and intention. Spirit guides (and family members who have passed on) in particular can provide a bridge between realms of light and everyday reality – because most have lived in both this world and the next one.

2. Astrology
The slower-moving planets, also called transpersonal planets, are very accurate in predicting the timing and nature of your soul’s unfolding journey. Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – and in a different way Saturn – are all about transformation, and a psychic astrologer can look at your chart and give you an amazing amount of information about what’s up when one of these planets is affecting you.

3. Past lives
Normally a past life reading naturally hooks up with the lives that are most relevant to the one you’re living today. By looking at how issues and opportunities from past lives are affecting you right now, a psychic can see the pattern of your soul’s choices and help you discern your best next steps.

4. Soul family
Meetings with your “soul family” – people with whom you’ve shared many lifetimes – are very powerful keys to your soul’s unfolding. A psychic can recognize your soulmates and soul friends (who can take the role of enemies, too). They usually show up when you’re ready to move to the next level. Also, the way they show up – as lovers, mates, friends or enemies – can give you a lot of information.

5. Tarot
Tarot is absolutely the best divination tool to use when you are searching for insights about your soul’s next steps, because the Major Arcana is literally a map of the soul’s journey. A Tarot reading using the full deck will easily pinpoint soul issues and opportunities, because Major Arcana cards appear there.

And – last but not least – nothing can replace your gut, your inner compass, as the ultimate arbiter of what your soul wants to do next. After you’ve consulted with experts and oracles, the most important step is to surround yourself with light, center in your soul, and ask for the wisdom to discern if the information you’ve been given is correct, complete and leading you in the right direction. Your soul will answer!

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