Psychic Giselle: Connect to the Higher Self

Psychic Giselle ext. 5220 has been reading people and pets professionally for 15 years. She begins by connecting with your higher self and summoning messages from your spirit guides. She can psychically tap into your family members, friends, lover, or love interest the same way she communicates with you on the phone. She receives impressions and information from them, transmitting it directly to you.

“I open up the reading by asking for the caller’s first name only,” Psychic Giselle ext. 5220 relates. “I’m clairvoyant and clairsentient. I tune into the caller through their name and their higher self. Or if they ask me to tune in to somebody else involved in their situation, I can do that—I can actually see the other person or people in the situation; I can read their body language, hear what they’re thinking and feel what they’re feeling, and tune in to their higher self for guidance on big issues.”

Psychic Giselle ext. 5220 likes to give multilayered responses to psychic questions.

“If there’s a clear yes or no, I’ll give that, but communication varies from person to person and situation situation. I’ll give percentages. It just kind of depends. I set my readings to be very high vibration communications. I do tune into the higher self and look at the spiritual situation, why they’re in the situation, instead of the details of what’s going on. I try to take it to the bigger picture, instead of the person being a victim. I ask, ‘What might you need to learn from this?’ I prefer to do it that way. Some people are open to it, and some people aren’t, depending on how they feel.”

“Your higher self puts you in a position; I’d rather look at it from that perspective, and how a person can fix the situation, get out of it and move on, in tandem with their higher self. Everyone has guides and angels. I do believe in God, but I also believe that you have a higher self that leads you through life. It speaks through intuitions, emotions, the small voice inside. A lot of times we ignore that.”

“I tune in to the higher self first, that’s the source of most of my communication, and then the guides come in. Guides are like an extra panel. It’s as if you were having a meeting about yourself, a board of advisors, and each guide has a different way of saying [what you need]. That’s also what I tune in to, depending on what it is.”

“I read people really well. I read on a screen. I actually see people, I can call them in, then I can see people, and tell you what they say. As far as guides and the higher self, I do tune into that. Most people call in to find out about other people. I call it ‘Therapy in the Sky,’ because there is a part of the person I’m reading, who’s aware subconsciously that they were contacted. Someone may actually call them when I contact their energy, because they sense something going on.”

How did she learn to refine her abilities?

“I’ve been around the psychic community my whole life, and went to school for ten years to do this. I was trained to read from my third eye as if it’s on a blank screen, and I see everything on that screen. It’s clearer than reading from the gut, because your gut can be influenced by your own emotions. I clean out, ground, make sure I’m in the center of my head so that I’m out of my own way. If I close my eyes it looks just like a blank TV screen. I read the person who’s calling on the left side, and who they’re calling about on the right side. It keeps me more neutral that way. I was taught that in school; beginning students come in just reading from their gut, sensing and feeling. Teaching them to read on a screen makes them more accurate, and more neutral.

“I’ve been psychic since I was little, then I spent years in school to learn how to heal with it, to ground and clear out after readings, how to keep myself healthy. I also set intentions for when I do readings. I ask for people to receive healings when they come in with me, to keep the reading at higher level. I like to educate, too, if they’re open to it.”

What would she most like people to realize?

“That there’s much more than meets the eye, and that even though people may feel alone, they’re not alone. Everyone has guides, a spirit family that they belong to. There are angels around you, but spiritual law does not allow them to interfere in your life unless there’s an emergency. You can access it by prayer, by talking out loud, or asking for help. If people feel lost and lonely, it’s because they’ve lost their connection, but they’re there – people just need to reach out. You’re not alone; there is hope no matter what state you’re in.”

“I truly love people, I love helping people,” Psychic Giselle ext. 5220 concludes. “That’s my intention. It comes from my heart. I try to improve myself all the time, educate and grow spiritually, so that I can be the best I can be for people.”

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  1. Rene

    9 27

    Im wondering if the man I’m with really loves me sometimes I feel as if he does other times it feels as if he is waiting for something else, he said he was going to move in but has yet to do so

  2. Nanci

    Hi! I was born 1-27-1961 and have had several major life changes in the past few months. I feel as if I am now on the right course to be successful in my life but am wondering if you have any advise. Thanks!

  3. caitlin

    wow, she is amazing , got my boyfriend name right. Didn’t have to say anything and she answered all question before I had to ask..

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