5 Psychics Share Past Lives

Past lifes of psychics Ever wonder who your favorite psychic was in a past life? 5 of our top psychics shared their past life experiences.

Maryanne ext. 9146
tells of discovering a past life while buying her first home. “While touring the house, I realized that I knew before I entered each room, what it would look like. It was in a part of the country that I had never visited, so I was sure that I hadn’t been there before. I even mentioned to the real estate agent that the stained glass window on the second floor had a small crack. She noted quizzically that we hadn’t yet been up there. By the time we got to the doorway of the family room, before I was told that the oil painting there was of the woman who had built the house in the 1800s, I saw that the portrait was of me in another lifetime. This woman (to whom I am not related) had lived in the house from her early 20s to her mid 90s. I bought that house and felt welcomed home when I moved in. I still own the house and never intend to let it go.”

Emma ext. 9591
also describes how a past life and a portion of her present life lived in the same house. “Years after we moved out of an old Louisiana Victorian, which my mother was drawn to since she had lived there in a past life, through my own past life regression and automatic writing I found that I, too, had been directly connected to the house in my immediate past life. My name then was ‘Margaret,’ and my mother was my younger sister.”

After a past life regression people often find that they have always been naturally drawn to the cultures they had once been a part of, our psychics explain. Fiona ext. 5178 has seen herself as a very small woman in Egyptian attire teaching magic and spiritual law, most likely at the temple of Dendur, she says. “I have always had an avid interest in Egyptian art and culture,” and as an artist herself, she relates that one of the best art pieces she ever sold in a gallery was part of a series she called ‘Egyptian Sunrise.’ “As I worked on those pieces, it seemed that I was painting my memories. I am also sure that this is where my psychic abilities and interest in the metaphysical originate.”

After Anya Dawn ext. 9179 was told by a psychic friend that she had once been Hildegard of Bingen — a famous German nun born in 1098, who among other things, was a composer and experienced visions. “As soon as she said that, the room I was in literally became filled with golden light. I researched Hildegard and found some of her music compositions on CD. I was shocked … I recognized her music immediately. I had often heard it in my head and never understood where I had come across it.”

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