An Affair and Your Karma

So, what about an affair? Well, there’s the guilt you’ll feel – and then there’s the question of karma, which might stop you from running straight into their arms. We asked our team of psychics what they have to say to clients who are about to succumb to an affair. Should karma be taken into consideration as they weigh the pros and cons of cheating?

Will having an affair while married have an effect on my karma?

Here’s what they told us. We are responsible for our actions and in this world – and, yes, there are consequences to having an affair while married. Whether our actions carry the intent to hurt another or not, it doesn’t really matter.

Negative, thoughtless actions cause negative reactions. If we betray another, rest assured that we will experience these consequences ourselves in a present or future incarnation, unless we release the old relationship completely, and enter into our new relationship clean – and free to begin anew.

Begin with an ending

So how do you avoid the bad effects of karma if you feel you are destined to have an affair? Sometimes the answer is complicated, but our California Psychics agreed that the most honest way to begin a new relationship is to end the old one first. “If it is clear that your current relationship is not working for you, end it,” they they tell us. “New relationships must be initiated in truth and honesty. Good karma is achieved by standing in your truth.”

While our psychics have found that karma plays a role in each situation, it’s not always in a predictable way. They find that individual motivation is where the karma kicks in. For instance, people who got married for the wrong reasons and eventually fell in love with somebody else need to come to grips with that. These are all karmic situations, and we are all here to resolve them.

A psychic’s role
When it comes to “extracurricular booty calls,” though, our psychics tells us that these situations can only truly be evaluated on a case-by-case, individual basis. In a reading, they access the elements within each situation – instead of presenting a formulaic moral judgment. Sometimes before someone has clarity, or is ready to deal with an existing relationship, they run into someone with whom they have a far more authentic connection.

And that makes for tangled relationships that often require professional help to sort out.

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2 thoughts on “An Affair and Your Karma

  1. Rose Cocca

    i think from this are thinking of an affair with him..i dont thing as a affair..this the only one i had and that doesnt make me a bad person..i know you had a baby and was unborn…all that i hear is about this ,baby…and you feel sorry that you were not there…some day you will tell me about this baby…when you are ready..i trust you with all my heart…where is the key to the store..i will lile to visit when the store is open..

  2. mohrsa49

    I found the answers to “An Affair and Your Karma” to be shortsited and unsatisfactory. I have heard and read that many parts of the world find we Americans puritanical. And, I do believe we are. I know that my first reaction and sometimes continued reactions to “situations and exposures” ones of discomfort. I am somewhat comfortable with my/our line drawn in the sand as far as our social mores. That being said, we are discussing affairs of an earthly nature and how they affect us on a spiritual level. I believe the answers given are narrow, tunnel visioned and too earthly considered. From my spiritual perspective, affairs happen for a myriad amount of reasons as do all of our experiences. When two people have the same experience, say, a miscarriage for instance; the reason for their having their miscarriages are probably for vastly different reasons karmically, spiritually and dharmically as well as something we may have decided to experience for growth reasons that has nothing to do with fault. Affairs are like anything we experience here. Perhaps we never understood why people had affairs and were unforgiving in our attitudes about them and the people who had them. Then, time passes and circumstances present themselves in such a way that we too have one. Now, our understanding has expanded as has our empathy. Perhaps there are one or more people be they adults or children that came into this life to experience it from the perspective of the spouse who was cheated on, the one who does the betrayal and the children of parents in that situation. We do, after all, chose our parents and the experience we shall have with them. And, our mates and those experiences. Perhaps the person entering into the relationship, the third person, is there to impart something positive into the children’s lives that would not be there if this person did not come into the affair. I am sure many, many more reasons could be found as to why these and any experience happens to us. Learning from all of our experiences and going forth wiser and more caring is the key. Understanding and empathy as well as compassion for ourselves and others, forgiveness. Understanding why we may have been in the situation. Perhaps we were to grow from the situation and learn not to judge others when they fall short of our earthly “standards.” All experiences are positive if we learned to back up far enough so that we may see the forest as well as the trees. Wide vision is a key reason we are here. I just felt that the answers I read were too harsh and, well, unhelpful. I do agree that examining the reasons why the woman entered the affair to begin with was a very good idea. Again, to learn and understand and go forth with that knowledge of herself as well as others with a wiser perspective. She may not “get it” this time and have to repeat it again and again. “That too” may be what she is supposed to experience and learn. That we don’t always “get it” the first time and develop compassion for others “she sees” tripping over themselves doing the same ill advised action and again. We’re born, we try, we move on to another birth and another experience; all the while, growing and filing our experiences into the “Cosmic File Cabinet” for others to learn and grow from. Thanks for listening.


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