Psychic Q&A: Dating My Boss

Psychic Q&A: Dating My Boss

Good Love. Bad Love.

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Dear Cameron,

I have been dating my boss for the last six years. He has a wife, and he refuses to define our relationship. I am deeply in love with him and he says he has the same feelings for me. I actually believe him even though it has been hard for me to trust him in the past. We are older, both in our 40s. He’s very close to his family, but I am not so close to mine. He also has a daughter and I have never had a child. Given my age, I probably won’t ever have children.

I want to know what he thinks of our relationship. Does he see a long-term commitment? Is he serious about me? He’s a self-admitted former “player,” and in the past, that type of man has always turned me off. However, this man is different.

I have spent the majority of my life with the wrong men and I’m very inexperienced and naive. I don’t trust myself in matters of the heart. I’m searching for love, whether bad or good, and any attention feels like love to me. I know better, but I don’t know how to break that bad habit. Please help.



Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:


Thank you for your question and for your trust. I have asked my guides to provide guidance for you through my cards and the information I have for you is very clear. While you may be a little disappointed by some of what I am going to share with you, I believe that ultimately you will be led to love and support in ways you can’t even imagine. You will be happy in love, Andrea, but a transition must occur before that can begin. I will explain in more detail exactly what I mean.

The cards reveal to me immediately through The Emperor that you’re dating your boss or someone at work. This is an important confirmation for the rest of the information I’m going to share with you. Your boss appears beside this card as the King of Wands, but he is upside down. This means that while his feelings, at times, are genuine, he is also unavailable, and still not clear about how to move forward in his own life.

In other words, with the Page of Swords now entering the reading, this is a man who may have intentions about leaving his marriage “one day” but who is also afraid of taking that crucial step. I can see his history as a player through the Four of Cups, and while I believe some of that behavior is in the past, there is still a part of him that knows the right things to say to get what he wants. What is clear is that he doesn’t want to lose you.

He may be saying (The Six of Cups upside down) that he will leave his wife when his daughter has graduated from high school, or college, or some other marker that he expects you to wait for. And while he may have some good intentions, I think that he is deceiving himself, and in some ways, deceiving you.

You have a beautiful heart, and I can see that you give a lot in every relationship you’re in. You have made many sacrifices for this man. However, the most prominent card in your reading, The Eight of Coins, says that it’s time for you to put yourself first in your life. Don’t be afraid to be a bit selfish and think about what’s best for you at this time. I know that you’ve given him the benefit of the doubt, and I know you love him, but it’s time for you to think about yourself and your future.

My advice to you is this: Find out what your boss plans for your future together. Not maybes, hopes, and dreams, but where he sees you both next year. If he really intends to spend his life with you, then he needs to take some step in that direction; not just in loving words but concrete action. My suspicion is that he can’t take that step at this time. If he’s unable to give you the assurance you need, you must move on and tell yourself, “I’m no longer dating my boss.”

Finally, I am being shown that while this may be very painful for you, and you will feel deeply conflicted about challenging him, setting that boundary and ending the affair (at least for now) will lead to one of two results: he will begin to take your future together more seriously, or you can finally move on to the other man who appears in your reading.

I believe that your boss isn’t a bad person, but I think it’s time to face the truth about his limitations. The man I believe you’re really meant to spend your life with is waiting for you, but he can’t reach you until you let go of your boss first. If your boss won’t define your relationship after six years, then you define it for him. You have the power here to create the love you want.

My loving thoughts are with you,


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  1. Maria E. Gutierrez

    Iam Maria I have a 31 year old son thats in a very toxic relationship will he ever leave her she a ex drug dealer user streetsmart woman 5 kids she dont have she is severe schitsafrinic will he leave her

  2. Nike

    Hi Cameron.please I will like to know if I am in the right relationship or not.Do I have a future in this relationship?

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