Breakup Celebrations!

These days, a split is no reason not to celebrate! In fact, it’s all the more reason to reaffirm who you are – and honor it. If you (or a friend) are going through a recent – or long gone but lingering -breakup, why not start a modern tradition and get in on a new and worthwhile trend. Throw a breakup celebration!

That’s right. Instead of spending your post-relationship days in a haze of depression, people (and party planners) are finding a positive way to mark one of life’s most common transitions – the divorce. From the simple to the sublime, divorce parties are popping up across the transcontinental divide, and it’s no wonder. After all, there are rituals to honor just about every major change in modern life – except splitting up. But not any more! And you don’t even need to have been married to take part in the healing.

Healing you ask? Well that’s exactly what breakup celebrations are for – to acknowledge the past and make a conscious step into the future. So if you’re ready to move on and want to announce it to the world, the universe, or just to your friends, here are some suggestions.

Ceremonial goodbye
One of the more elaborate ways to mark the end of a relationship – particularly a marriage (or a live-in breakup) is to throw the equivalent of a wedding. Host a ceremony (the size and scale are up to you) wherein you thank the relationship for all it gave you – good and bad – and invite your friends to join you for drinks, dinner (or snacks) and support. You might even want to register… After all, a co-habitational split may mean you’ll need some new household items.

Farewell fiesta
If a ceremony seems too elaborate for you, gather your friends and throw a cocktail party in honor of your singlehood. Some have been known to invite all their exes – or ask friends to bring other single friends. Whomever you choose to invite, make this scenario a reflection of all that is you. Serve your favorite foods and drinks, play your favorite music and seize your chance to start fresh and get back in touch with who you were before you were coupled up. As with all other “splitsville” celebrations, the spirit should be positive – you don’t want to invite any bitterness into your mix.

Breakup bonfire
This one can be done as a stand alone ceremony or as part of any other breakup party, and it’s just what it sounds like. Whether at a beach bonfire, in your fireplace or in the backyard, gather items that represent the past relationship you’re letting go and burn them in front of your nearest and dearest. It may sound scary, but the act alone is empowering, and having your friends there to support you in the process will make it easier, more meaningful, and of course, more fun.

Do unto others…
Just as you threw a shower for your pal’s upcoming nuptials, propose throwing a divorce party for someone who’s just weathered this difficult rite of passage. Ask them how they would feel comfortable celebrating (no surprises, please!) and make the party all about looking ahead to a bright and happy future.

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