Psychic Jelena: Learn to Appreciate the Little Things

Appreciate the Little Things and Change Your Life!

In the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives, it’s really easy to forget about the little things. But it’s often the little things that make life wonderful. Do you slow down enough to notice the little flower trying to grow, against all odds, right through the concrete beneath your feet? Do you savor the taste of your favorite dish or do you eat it so fast you can barely taste it? You need to appreciate the little things because they contribute to your happiness.

Psychic Jelena can show you how to appreciate the little things in your life!

Remember what it felt like when that first smile across a room evolved into a romantic moment? Or the first time you welcomed a puppy into your heart and home and it grew to be your best friend? Everything that is worth anything starts out as a little moment in time. These moments can be so easily missed and yet they are so important to experiencing the joy of living a spiritually fulfilled life.

Something to Fall Back On

Reading this article should serve as a kind of wake-up call to your spirit. Maybe you have experienced a great loss or disappointment in your life recently. Maybe you didn’t get the promotion you deserve or perhaps your love life hasn’t gone the way of your hopes and dreams. When these experiences happen, it is very easy to allow the storm clouds to block out the sun that was warming your world just a minute ago. Life can change in a heartbeat and that’s why it’s so important to have an emotional bag of good (little) experiences to fall back on.

When you spend valuable life energy always worrying about what is coming down the road, you are guaranteed to miss the beauty that is being offered to you every day. If it’s not a grand gesture, you’re likely to miss it. But, miracles come in small packages; rarely in big boxes!

Fear Makes a Dark Night Seem to Last Forever

A dark night doesn’t last forever. But fear will make it seem like it lasts forever. If you learn to appreciate the little things, The darkness won’t seem so dark and it won’t last as long. Some people need help seeing the joy in their lives when they’re surrounded by darkness. Some people need help learning to appreciate the little things. That’s where a psychic reading comes in!

Be Prepared for What’s Coming 

One of the most valuable things about a psychic reading is that it prepares you for what’s coming, thus reducing your fear of the unknown. It’s no longer unknown if the psychic tells you what will happen, right? If you don’t want to have a challenging and difficult life, let go of that fear and celebrate the little things that are all around you. Turn off your television and watch the stars. Listen to the music of peace. It can change everything!

If you are seeking direction, inspiration and comfort, give me a call. I am waiting to help you.

8 thoughts on “Psychic Jelena: Learn to Appreciate the Little Things

  1. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Add my voice to those singing the praises of this article, Jelena.

    It is so very easy to become overwhelmed by life’s daily demands or disappointments… but, while we cannot control everything life or other people hand us, one thing we can control is our spiritual well being.

    Like any other habit, repetition is key and disciplining ourselves to be more mindful of the grace around us nearly every minute of every day is a great habit to cultivate; it balances us out and only adds to our lives.

    Brightest blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445

  2. Julie

    Thanks a lot for confirming what I already knew but It’s good to get a second opinion. I have been feeling very dark and distant lately and it seems that the more that I stay in this funk, the worse that it gets. I have been trying to look out at my window most nights but recently I have been feeling so down that I feel like having my shades drawn all the time. It’s crazy I know but that’s just the mood that I have been in. When I am in that mood It’s kind of hard to get me out of it. I’m hoping for the best though. I have a lot of faith in Allah that there are better days to come. Insha Allah.

  3. Marc from the UK

    I love to look at the Stars, even the Universe, I say hello, and thank you for being there. I just love full moons as well, It sounds strange but in my garden I have Roses and I often take time to smell them, sounds weird but in our hectic world of go go go, I am the one that often reminds myself why? I am a busy soul, I work six days a week, so taking time to smell the Roses , appreciate others and say thank you to people is valuable to me and hopefully beneficial to us all x

  4. Rosa

    That’s what’s important in life the little things. This article reminded me of William Wordsworth poet. Wordsworth’s works talk about the beauty in ordinary things……<3

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I just loved this article !!!!!

    Jelena, is so right on this….most people are in such a hurry nowadays, that they forget to take a few minutes to just “be “, and enjoy the simple, little things in life that are, many times, free.

    Every night I step outside on the covered porch of my old farmhouse and gaze up at the stars, rain or shine, or even snow…’s so peaceful, just to listen to the owls, the tree frogs, or just the wind chimes swaying in the gentle night breeze.

    relieves the stress of the day too.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. brenda

    Dear Jelena, I’m at the end of my rope My husband says he don’t want to work on our marriage But he’s still here making my life is miserable Thank you for this article. God Bless

  7. cynthia

    I think u hit the nail on my head lol!!!!It’s all the little things that add up to make all the happiness.Thank u and yes I would love to have a spiritual reading from u.I read the email u sent and yes I am sure lots got the same one But it was food for thought.I am a little scared I really need a spiritual adviser before July the 5th I was told that is the end of my very good luck period.I am unable to pay before the 8th


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