Job Search Blues

Jean from Washington, DC asks:

I find that I am constantly rejected by people and I don’t understand. I am very smart, educated and pretty. Though my family and friends tell me they love me, I have the toughest time with the public, especially when job hunting. Please help!

Job hunting is one of the toughest endeavors we’re faced with — Psychics and Bloggers, are there any suggestions you can offer Jean? Any ideas on how to stay positive during rejection?

One thought on “Job Search Blues

  1. Staff

    Hi Jean,

    Changing your perspective and looking into the issues may help. Often, people get trapped in the language and loose the feelings. You may be pushing certain positions away from you. You may be using your thinking to much and letting it cloud your feelings or intuition. We often find satifaction from harmonizing our mind, body, soul versus just sitting in our thoughts. Good Luck and feel your way through it. Change your view point see it as will happen soon versus when is it going to happen. I hope that makes helps.


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