Angel Cards: The Comfort Card

The Comfort card states, “I am with you in your time of need, helping your heart to heal.” When this card is drawn it means that the Angels are here to help you release the pain that is in your heart. Release what is no longer serving you at this time. This card can also mean that we are dealing with a significant type of loss. Such examples can include a passing of a loved one,  breaking up of a relationship/friendship, or losing a job. Before the Angels can step in and mend your heart, they ask that you release all those negative emotions that you are feeling at this moment. Whether it’s a loss that saddens you or the feeling of anger that comes to the surface after receiving some upsetting news, it is now the time to deal with all those emotions you have within yourself. Don’t wait to deal with it later because later never comes. Some of us may think that when we wait for later, that it will be easier to deal with it then, but that is not true. Every time you procrastinate, it is stopping you from loving yourself and only burdening you with more pain than what was originally felt at the beginning. The card also comes up as a reminder to you that if you have been putting off an issue, it is now the time to work on the situation so that the Angels can come in and give you the  healing energy that you have been waiting for.

Never be embarrassed or ashamed when you do receive upsetting news. It’s not a sign of punishment like some of us may think. If nothing bad happens to us then we will not have the opportunity to grow and learn our life lessons. Make some time for yourself to do some self reflection. Take all the good and bad experiences that have happened to you and learn to embrace the life lessons that are hidden behind these experiences. A good way to get started on the process of letting go is to begin writing in a journal or notebook. If you have time, I would recommend creating an environment that makes you feel good before writing.

For example, I tend to light incense or oils in my room to get to a calm state of mind before I write about things for the day. There are other times I carry a traveling note book and go to places that feel peaceful to me. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. The more relaxed you feel in your environment, the easier it will be for you to express yourself on paper. Remember to write out all your thoughts and feelings in your journal/notebook. Don’t hold anything back. In fact, writing is a form of release and it’s for your eyes only so there is no reason to hide anything. Once you have written it out, take time to look back at it and read it out loud to yourself. Allow yourself to hear what you have written because this helps you understand who you are now and why you’re going through what you are now.

Remember to set yourself free from the emotions that are hindering your growth. Stop blaming yourself and dwelling on what you could have done better. Instead, start loving yourself all over again. When you can do that, you’ll find yourself healing at the pace that is best for you. Always be gentle with yourself, and always be open to all the healing energy that comes your way. When you accept all the love and healing energy surrounding you, brighter days will be on their way!

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7 thoughts on “Angel Cards: The Comfort Card

  1. Stephen Sanford

    I was shopping and I found the card. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I brought it home and completed a project that took almost a hole year. I was so realeaved. Then I noticed the card and Googled card says comfort. I felt like a weight was lifted of my shoulders

  2. angel card reader in brisbane

    It’s truly an honor to run across informational content like this. You are clearly knowledgeable on this topic and you have unique views to share.

  3. Marsha S

    I was laying in the couch one day feeling sad, talking to Michael my guardian angel asking for devine intervention, for him to go to Jesus on my behalf to help with answers to problems I have been going through, when all of a sudden I felt as though I was touched, I immediately felt calm, where I was sad and upset just seconds before, I had spoken to a person a couple days after only because she brought up the subject, so there I knew she believed in angels, she being very religious seemed to think I was touched by JESUS, ever since I have been getting closer to the truth to problems I have had to endure, from decieving,betraying persons close to me, instead of staying mad and upset over the distressing news I am as calm as I can be.

  4. ploria

    dont know how to start off my response but its so crazy becuse the situation im going through and dealing with it was all answered and felt like an angel was actualy talking to me. i real my horoscopes and they all tell me what to do and to just let go but i find my self in the same position. but after reading that i can put it behind me and finally move on. THANKS ALOT, —MY ANGEL—

  5. Jacqueline x9472

    Fabulouse article Joy,
    So full of very informative information, I like the ideas about lighting oils I love that idea also I have read where oil does change and shift the energy, I do this all the time I have found to that it really helps.

    The most profound thing that you said about letting go of emotions that may be hindering us, I know from experience that this is is so true, this can also prevent a lot of great things that you are trying to manifest.

    Thanks again Joy,
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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