The Law of Gratitude

Go Beyond the Law of Attraction With the Law of Gratitude

Most of us have heard of the Law of Attraction which is an important part of manifesting our destiny. However, fewer realize that showing gratitude is an intricate part of that manifestation. The Law of Gratitude can be summed up by saying if we give thanks regularly then we will receive more, as gratitude gains momentum. The more grateful you are for things in your life, the more you will abundantly receive.

It goes without saying that it is almost always easier to give than to receive. Imagine receiving a gift unexpectedly, with blushing cheeks, squirming uncomfortably in your seat and the difficulty to even know what to say to the giver. This is the challenge for us all to overcome. When we can get past our ego and come to the understanding that we are never grateful for the things in our life that we think we deserve and that gratitude is earned, like grace, we will come to accept that we must be grateful for everything that comes our way, not just the gifts for which we ask. This will take us to a higher self; one that will connect us to our spirituality. If you use gratitude as a means to obtain more gifts (which we are all guilty of now and again), you are not experiencing a soul connection but rather a limitation by the ego. If we can really let go of our embarrassment and self-examine, we can truly bond with our higher self.

The Law of Gratitude works like this: You must be grateful for what you receive. If you are, then you will receive more. If you are not, then the giving ceases. It is the grateful state of being that attracts more. Complaining is the opposite of being thankful. Our desire with a grateful heart is the magnet to receiving more of what we want.

Being grateful for what you have been given helps you understand just how blessed you really are. The more consciously grateful you are, the more your blessings will manifest abundantly in your life. Being grateful will also inspire feelings of joy and delight. From the perspective of Karma, the more you give, the more you will receive. The more you assist others, the more you will assist yourself.

When you say “thank you,” there is usually an overwhelming feeling of contentment. Negative thoughts will disrupt the flow of energy, creating resistance. Maintaining positive thoughts including gratitude assist in evolving your deepest desires.

So, how can you incorporate more gratitude into your life? Make it a habit to give thanks at the same time every day. Choose a trinket or a crystal that you keep in your pocket and when you touch it, make it a point to give thanks, or when you look in the mirror, give thanks for who you are and what you have become. There will be a time when you realize there just isn’t enough time to be grateful for every little or large blessing in your life. Don’t stop giving thanks because of that. Just understand and be grateful that you are in the flow of gratitude. Namaste.

23 thoughts on “The Law of Gratitude

  1. Linda

    Sweet Aliza , I am truly blessed and grateful to have found you on CP. You have been there to help me through my darker moments and I have gained so much by knowing you and all your predictions have come true. Steve sent me a text tonight telling me how sorry he was for the breakup and how he had hurt me but I was strong and did not text him back . I am truly, truly grateful to you and sending lots of love your way .

  2. StacieStacie

    This article is amazing Aliza! I have read it over and over! I am so thankful for being on this journey with my soulmate ‘N’ and finding you. I am amazed by your abilities and I feel so comforted being guided by you, I am thankful for the strength you give me to overcome everything I face with him and you having NO judgement against me. I am thankful for your guidance and for the universe. I have been practicing and working on my gratitude and I believe in it. I can’t wait for everything to come to fruition with ‘N’ but until it does and even after it does, I will continue to give thanks, stay positive, stay strong and know that universe will bring us together again (though 4 weeks feels like a lifetime with out him). I sure do miss him and I sure miss talking to you. I will check in next week. Until then I will continue to send everything out into the universe with my out of control amounts of letters asking for guidance and strength and continue with lighting my white candles. Which is now the only way I can sleep at night, I feel like its bringing me peace and ease. Thank you Aliza!

  3. Aliza

    My sweet, precious Renee – You have brought tears to my eyes 😉 You know how special you are to me and how walking this journey with you is such a wonderful honor and gift to my life! I will celebrate the day you and S are officially an item and I know this day is right around the corner. You deserve all of life’s blessings and then some. I love you! Namaste – Aliza Ex.5844

  4. Renee F

    I am not officially with my soulmate either, but I feel the time is getting close! It has been a back and forth journey & I couldn’t have done it without Aliza! I cannot wait to be with my soul mate “S”! She means so much to me. I put my faith in Aliza and her guidance has never let me down. It’s great to have her as my friend, confidant, & adviser! My heart wells up with so much love that it feels as if it overflows into the universe, when I think about how Aliza puts her heart into all of her readings with us! I wish you all success with your situations! We are all connected here. Love you, Aliza! xoxo

  5. aliza

    Christina Arlene and Bren – I am so grateful for all of you. Arlene and Bren, I am truly honored and grateful to be on your journeys with both of you. Sending you love and light! Blessings – Aliza Ex. 5844 XOXO

  6. Arlene

    Hi Christina,

    I’m one of those readers calling in who is “not” with my soulmate, and is on the journey to be with them soon. Aliza has been on my journey with me for the past 6 months to help bring us both together, and it’s working! Aliza is AMAZING, and my heart is out to my awesome friend! If you are on the same journey, I wish you, and everyone on this journey the same strength Aliza has helped me find!

  7. Christina

    Hi Aliza, I love your article. I have a quick question though- I noticed in many of your testimonials that callers talk about their soulmates and/or life mates…are there ever callers that you see are not with their soulmates or life mates?

  8. Bren

    I’m grateful for your positive energy. Just like you said the FB postings are coming down. I’m very exited about my destiny unfolding and the reformation with my soulmate. Blessings B

  9. Bren

    Gratitude. I am truly blessed to have found you Aliza. She told me last month that FB postings would come down. I know this move was about faith. I’m looking forward to the reformation of love. Blessings, Bren

  10. Bren

    Mucho Gracious Aiza for your insights. The Facebook posts have come down just like you predicted. I’ve decreased my time on my fb other than sharing photos of my new home with family and friends. Work is settling down and friends are in abundance! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for validating my guidance. Magical! B

  11. Arlene

    Aliza, I’m SO very greatful for finding and meeting you in 2013! You have been my inspiration and have put SO much joy and positivity in my heart! I can’t thank you enough and am eternally greatful for you! Thank you SO much, and love you with all my heart! Arlene

  12. Arlene

    Aliza I can’t even begin to tell you how greatful I am for having YOU in our lives! I SO love you, and these articles are so true and beautiful! Thank you SO much for all you do for CP! SO blessed to have met you in 2013, and looking forward to a lot more chats in 2014 with GREAT news! All my love to you! xoxo

  13. Aliza

    To my sweet Jackie – I am so grateful for YOU!! It has been a pleasure and a joy to be a part of your journey! I always enjoy our readings and watching each and every prediction unfold for you! You are such a precious soul and I can’t wait to shout for JOY when J is officially with you! It is just around the corner, girl, so hang on! XOXO Aliza Ex. 5844

  14. Aliza

    Bren – When I got the news from CP that you were en route to NM I cried for joy!!!! The guides saw this months ago!!!! I could not be happier for you and the new chapter that lies ahead for career and love! Sending you a big huge hug and a shout of congrats!!!!! XOXO Aliza Ex. 5844

  15. Aliza

    Renee – You are such a sweet angel! It is such an honor to be on this journey with you 🙂 I am so happy for you and all of your blessings (even all of those yet to come!)!! XOXO Aliza Ex. 5844

  16. Jackie

    Thanks for being there for me these past few months. I have gratitude for you being there for me, not only when we celebrate a positive milestone and a prediction coming true but also for you being there for me in my darkest moments to help me see my way through and not lose hope. You are the best!

  17. Jackie

    Thank you Aliza for always being there for me. It has been a difficult few months being away from my true love and you help me through it and continue to do so. Your guidance and reassurance has never let me waiver even in my darkest moments. You have been there to remind me that with GOD all things are possible and that as you have predicted, many of my hopes and dreams are coming true. I continue to have faith that the business will prosper and my love will be back in my arms again soon.

  18. Bren

    Counting my lucky stars I found you Aliza! I was offered a job in SF today! I start November 18th. I feel blessed beyond measure. Thanks for your insights, spirit is a work in progress. Faith and perservance pay off if you believe! Blessings, Bren

  19. Renee

    This is such a powerful article, Aliza! I am grateful for all the blessings in my life! Giving without expectations, which includes the gift of loving someone without any expectations — definitely enriches your life. I am also very grateful for you! You have helped me truly understand something amazing that is unfolding in my life. Without your validations & insights over the past few weeks, I would be in a state of confusion. I wouldn’t have the ability to actually enjoy what is happening and feel this gratitude for this rare chance to truly love again! Many thanks, friend!!! Love, Renee

  20. Aliza Ex.5844

    Bren – you are a wonderful person with many exciting blessings ahead of you! Start packing because your new chapter is about to begin 😉 Aliza Ex. 5844

  21. Bren

    I’m grateful for you Aliza. Your readings have kept me uplifted this past few months. I’m looking forward to packing soon!

  22. Aliza Ex.5844

    Life, love, family, friends – all such beautiful blessings! Thank you so much, Gina Rose for sharing your gift! You are such a blessing to all the lives you touch 😉 Aliza Ex. 5844

  23. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Having died twice and crossed over twice, I wake each morning, just thankful to be alive .

    That, in itself, is enough for me, just the joy and gratitude of being given the gift of life .


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