Psychic Ginger on Facebook and Twitter Today!

Take advantage of an exciting opportunity to tune in to some free psychic advice—Psychic Ginger ext. 9344 will be here to answer questions on Facebook and Twitter between 2:00-2:45 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Join in the conversation there, where you can submit a question to Ginger, along with your birth sign!*

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Ginger is a Clairvoyant, channeler of nature spirits, intuitive healer, and gifted visionary. She exudes sensitivity and compassion as an Empath. Ginger draws on your positive energies and builds on them to paint an amazingly accurate picture of your life. After a short pause to read your spirit, she interprets her visions into powerful metaphoric images aimed at enlightening your life. By channeling the spirits around your energies, Ginger is able to bring clarity, love, and adventure to your existence. She uses no tools.

*(Only one question per person, please; questions will not be answered in the order received nor will every question be answered.)

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