Saturn Transits Virgo (By Sign)

The planet most responsible for our biggest challenges and greatest accomplishments in work and love is creating a major shift this week – for everyone. Saturn, associated with commitment, limitation and worldly power, transits into Virgo on September 2 and stays there through July 2010 (except for a foray into Libra from October 30, 2009 to April 8, 2010). What will this mean for you?

Up close and personal
Most importantly, it will mean a change of priorities. On a personal level, Saturn makes us face our fears and work hard in the area of life being influenced by the planet. Because Saturn increases our determination to overcome obstacles and build a foundation, it’s also the area of life where we stand the best chance of achieving substantial success.

Bird’s eye view
On a global level, the new Virgo focus can bring about lasting accomplishments in the fields of healthcare, work practices and policies, and charity work. An example would be philanthropic endeavors targeted at improving the working conditions and healthcare in developing nations such as Africa.

In love
Saturn is particularly important in our love lives. Being the planet of commitment, Saturn is the glue that keeps a couple together throughout the trials and tribulations of a relationship. If a couple has too weak a Saturn connection (as determined by a chart comparison), the relationship will lack depth and staying power. On the other hand, too strong a Saturn tie can cause control issues to put a damper on personal growth. Saturn transiting through Virgo may or may not directly affect your love life, but it will influence the daily activities that make your relationship run smoothly.

How it will influence your sign…

If you’ve worked hard and believed in yourself, Saturn transiting through your sign may see a dream of yours finally realized. Your energy may fluctuate, however, so it’s important that you eat right and exercise regularly. You may also be asked to take care of someone close to you. To be successful, stay strong, keep your focus and keep your faith.

Saturn in Virgo will challenge your need for companionship. Power can be yours by taking some alone time and gaining clarity about your past. The stillness inside you will be your strength and provide you with intuitive insights. Meditating or bringing other spiritual disciplines into your daily routine will bring profound fulfillment.

You’re a magnet for powerful people during Saturn in Virgo. Networking with people who are role models for success can inspire you to accomplish your goals. Old friends and group activities will also be influential in getting you where you need to go. Also, improving your community may become a cause close to your heart.

Gaining and using power in your career will be your focus during Saturn in Virgo. Taking on more responsibility is assured, which may irritate family members who need more of your time. If you’re starting out on a new venture, Saturn will lend you the patience and discipline to build a solid foundation.

Saturn in Virgo will help clarify your spiritual beliefs so you can build a sound foundation of faith. Now is the time to disclose your ideals in all areas of your life so you can start manifesting your dreams. Education or travel may play a strong role in your life as well. Also, honesty and accuracy are critical in all legal dealings during this time.

On a practical level, paying down debt and perhaps attracting investors will be your focus during Saturn in Virgo. On an emotional level, Saturn will reveal any blocks you may have to attracting a fulfilling relationship. Love means being vulnerable, so the key to relationship success will be to eliminate old attitudes and emotional fears that keep you “safe.”

Saturn in Virgo is all about commitment, either through marriage or a business partnership (or perhaps you’ll go into business with your significant other!). Clarity is paramount, so you’ll need to express what you expect from your partner(s). Building a foundation together will deepen your connection and bring a strong sense of accomplishment.

Getting your work priorities in gear and developing a healthier lifestyle will be your focus during Saturn in Virgo. You may also get involved in a charitable endeavor. You’ll undoubtedly undergo a test of patience, but the rewards from being better organized (and healthier!) will bring personal satisfaction.

Saturn says, it’s time to get grounded (i.e. committed!) to your lover. If you’re already in a committed relationship, taking steps to heighten the romance between you will enhance your love and intimacy. Also, a creative project close to your heart may come to fruition, or perhaps you’ll get more involved in your child’s activities as a creative outlet.

Family responsibilities are bound to increase during Saturn in Virgo. Perhaps you’ll buy or remodel a house, have a baby or take care of a family member. Also, delving into your family history can provide insights. On a professional or financial level, keep your eyes open for sound opportunities in the area of real estate.

Your ideas will be challenged but ultimately empowered during Saturn in Virgo. It’s time to turn your thoughts into practical solutions or products. Whether you’ll be writing a novel, marketing your skills or starting therapy with your significant other, you’ll need to focus on communicating clearly to be successful in whatever you do.

Saturn in Virgo will challenge your financial IQ before boosting your earning power. It’s time to get organized and practical about money in order to build a solid financial foundation. It can be a time of great financial success – if you can be disciplined and patient enough to forget the get-rich schemes and seek solid moneymaking opportunities.

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