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Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio in a love match make one passionate and tumultuous couple. These two strong-willed and won’t-budge souls can have their share of intense moments, but one would swear they did it on purpose. Yes, Leo and Scorpio can both be hotheads, but it’s the fierce make-up sessions that make it all worth it. These two will often wrestle for control, but again, it’s almost as if they thrive on this excitement. What Leo and Scorpio have is a unique respect for each other’s level of confidence. This couple is also very sexually compatible, and they’re equally intense in the bedroom as outside of the bedroom.

A Leo and Scorpio connection takes some stamina. The struggle for the lead role in this relationship is part of the daily routine. However, there’s also a chance that aversion to change can present a more significant challenge for this couple. As fixed signs, these two don’t often change their routine unless it’s absolutely necessary. So, as exciting as the emotions may be, they’ll need to continually introduce new things into their lives to keep the relationship from getting stale.

Love by Element: Fire and Water

Leo’s Fire energy craves action, adventure, and sometimes even a bit of drama.  Scorpio’s Water energy may love excitement, but what they need in a relationship is commitment. Leo will want to get out and have fun in the Sun (their ruling planet) while Scorpio seeks the solace and comfort of home after a long day. They’ll both have to compromise to make their partner happy. That’s easier said than done since both Leo and Scorpio are strong personalities. One place they’ll rarely have troubles is in bed, but there is more to relationships than sex. Scorpio is a loyal partner once committed, and that’s something Leo will have to work on if they want this love to last.

Leo and Scorpio make a vibrant couple that may find themselves longing for each other one minute and competing with each other the next. While both are confident, Leo is the more outgoing and Scorpio is more private. In the bedroom, these two rock, and the competition to outdo one another becomes friendly rather than adversarial. Leo craves attention and Scorpio is the sign representing sex, so their energy is dynamic. Leo and Scorpio also do well as business partners, with the ability to acquire quite an abundance. However, add a little love with jealousy and possessiveness and the alchemy of this relationship changes.

The Bad Side of Leo and Scorpio

Since Leo and Scorpio are both Fixed signs, neither is likely to concede during a disagreement. Instead, words and whatever is handy may be flung at each other in anger. This isn’t a great attribute to this relationship, but one has to wonder if they’re not both being dramatic to justify the lusty and intense make-up session that inevitably follows. Sometimes their individual styles of confidence can threaten the other’s style, leaving one or both feeling intimidated. These two just need to continually remind themselves that their relationship is not a competition, and there’s no reason they can’t share the lead if they really try.

Keys to a Successful Union

Leo and Scorpio are born at a 90-degree angle, also known as a square, which can be a bit of a tug of war at times. Power struggles may be part of the dynamic. These two “Fixed” signs can dig their heels in and have some significant disagreements as a result. Another hallmark of this connection is that it can be quite exciting and passionate.

Here’s the key to success: Admit that incredible make-up sex may have been the motivator in arguments—you two thrive on that passionate and edgy feeling. Take turns taking charge—neither is the parent or the child. Having an interest they both share can bond them in the long term.

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  1. Nick

    Yeah I’m a Leo and that’s a turn off for me the argument part in a relationship. Scorpio are not my style, the everyday argument is just not it for me.


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