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Leo and Taurus Compatibility

Leo and Taurus Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Leo and Taurus

When Leo and Taurus connect for any type of relationship, they instantly form a winning couple. Whether in the boardroom or the bedroom, both like the spotlight and excitement. Astrologically, their Sun signs sit at a 90-degree angle on the zodiac wheel, so this can be a challenging position but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. This couple has far more in common than they have differences. The trick for this couple is to learn how to compromise with a partner who is their willful and headstrong equal.

Taurus and Leo have an affinity for the good life. They’ll indulge themselves often and whenever possible. Both love visiting the most excellent restaurants, giving each other beautiful baubles, and sharing many passionate moments. If marriage enters the picture, these luxury-lovers will spare no expense on creating a beautiful home filled with the best of everything. The most important thing to both, however, is having a loving and loyal partner. Both believe that living a good life is not a circumstance, but rather a birthright.

Love by Element: Fire and Earth

A love match between Leo and Taurus puts two elements of Earth and Fire together.  Adventurous Leo always longs to meet new people, seek new places, and find new things to do.  Taurus prefers the pleasures of home and all it includes, such as gardening (which can be grounding), listening to music, or watching movies.  However, having a lovely place to live is essential to Leo as well, and together they’ll make home their sanctuary.

Another place where Taurus and Leo are both on the same page is in the bedroom. Every moment together is slowly savored and enjoyed.  As long as each of these passionate souls appreciates what the other brings into their life, this can be a joyful connection.

The Good Side of Leo and Taurus

When Leo and Taurus find love, they’ve found their perfect match. Both love the creature comforts of a beautiful home that is comfortable, cozy, and filled with the luxuries of life. As this couple grows together, they’ll likely also fill their house with family. The good life and family are what this couple is all about. On their own, they attract friends, admirers, and lots of attention from onlookers. They both enjoy laughing and having a good time and sharing what they have with friends and family—the more the merrier. Both are pretty adept at making money—Leo is the resourceful go-getter and Taurus always seem to land on their feet financially. Sexually, Leo is stimulating and Taurus is sensual, so they both turn each other on.

The Bad Side of Leo and Taurus

Leo is a bit more intense than laid-back Taurus. However, both are tough cookies with strong opinions and personalities. On the occasion when their opinions differ, it can be a “clash-of-the-titans” scenario where neither backs down. Whether out having a great time or involved in a disagreement, you can bet that quiet, retrospective moments are few and far between in this relationship. Excitement-loving Leo may be able to handle that energy a bit better than Taurus, who would prefer relaxing over drama good or bad.

Keys to a Successful Union

Leo and Taurus make a headliner, head-turner couple likely to have just rolled out of their limo onto the red carpet. They like and love a lot of the same things, like each other, but they also have their differences. Born at a 90-degree angle, it can be a power struggle—it’s certainly never dull.

Here’s their key to success: find a common cause and build on it together—this will unite these two powerful beings. The stubborn bull meets the demanding lion—instead of a standoff, they could easily just be a little softer and a lot more loving. It takes a lot of adjusting, but it can be well worth the effort.

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