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Libra and Leo Compatibility

Libra and Leo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sign Compatibility: Libra and Leo  

Libra and Leo together, make an unstoppable match made in Hollywood, complete with glitz, glamour and Instagram followers. These two are social butterflies with places to go and people to see, however, even when alone, they never run out of things to talk about. This relationship is one comfortable, yet exciting, love match that will have most describing them as two peas in a pod.

When it comes to romance, Libra dresses the part and sets the stage complete with music and candlelight. Leo brings the seduction factor that completes the scene, and Libra will love Leo’s passionate enthusiasm. Best friends in love, it will take a little work to keep the spark of romance alive over time. However, there’s no need for “bringing sexy back,” as long as they schedule plenty of date nights and couple activities. Aside from romantic getaways, this couple loves checking out the new eateries in town and attending cultural events, whatever the budget allows; Libra and Leo aren’t the best at saving money, but they love spending it.

Love by Element:  Air and Fire

When Libra and Leo form a love match, it can be a vibrant combination that thrives on each of their elements. Nothing stirs currents of air and gets it moving like heat from a flame, and nothing keeps a fire burning bright like air. Sexually, Leo will show Libra the true meaning of passion, making Libra think less and feel more. This classic romance has some long-term potential, but only as long as these two pay attention to their own needs as well as the needs of the relationship. However, as long as air exists, and as long as the slightest spark remains, there’s always a chance to keep the fire of their love burning eternally.

The Good Side of Libra and Leo

Libra and Leo make a lively, sociable couple who never run out of things to do and people to meet. Out on the town, these two will be dressed in Hollywood style. Being such a social pair, their social circles continue to expand, putting them in touch with influential people and other famous couples. These two aren’t all ego though, they’re both actually quite sentimental and have similar values surrounding family and friends. Both Libra and Leo are sentimental souls who are family-oriented and will protect the ones they love at all costs.

The Bad Side of Libra and Leo

Libra and Leo both love to talk and be heard, trouble is neither one stops chatting long enough to listen to the other, especially when it’s listening to complaints. Neither like confrontation when it comes to relationships—     they’re happier being fun, active, and almost oblivious. However, real life doesn’t work that way, and practical problems arise. Libra and Leo will have to learn this and figure out a way to talk about things that need to be worked on. Their differences can be big or small, but they are all differences that matter because they can weigh on the relationship over time. For instance, Leo may love going to the same old places while Libra needs the stimulation of always trying something new. Taking turns in making each other happy is a sacrifice worth making if they want to stay together.

Keys to a Successful Union

Libra and Leo are born only two signs apart, so friendship and communication are the basis of this relationship. These two enjoy a strong bond, and they make quite a sociable pair. They can light up any room they enter, and they seem to add a little sparkle to everything they touch. Together, they’re loving and adoring.

Here’s the key to success: Signs that are two signs apart run the risk of being so comfortable together that they can become a bit predictable. It’s great to be “best buds” in theory, but always remember this is your lover, not your sibling. Keep the romantic spark alive, and plan a weekly date night.

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