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Scorpio and Leo Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Scorpio and Leo

When Scorpio and Leo get together, it’s a match of two confident and somewhat controlling souls. However different at their core, it seems that Scorpio has met their match in Leo; both are equally strong and determined. Their magnetic personalities can draw onlookers, admirers and even each other. Leo thrives on attention, and Scorpio only cares about attention from their other half. Leo can bring out the jealous and possessive side of Scorpio without even trying. Luckily, both Scorpio and Leo value loyalty in a relationship. This relationship will keep both on their toes, making sure they give each other what they need.

In love and romance, Scorpio wants depth and intensity, and Leo is sure to provide that in a grand way. Leo’s do nothing on a small scale, including showing love. Everything is over the top, and that’s fine with Scorpio. These two are a passionate pair. The only glaring negative in this relationship is the need each has for wanting to be the boss and their belief that there can only be one.

Love by Element:  Water and Fire

Both Leo and Scorpio have strong personalities and given their elements of Water and Fire, it’s a challenging combination at best. However, this is one Water and Fire couple that do seem to work, when they both put some work into it. Scorpio loves to be loved from the inside out, and Leo will give this Water sign what it craves. Leo’s attitude is “go big or go home,” so the Scorpio and Leo couple lives on a grand scale. Leo likes attention too so Scorpio will have to reciprocate. However, both want to be in control, and that’s where there can be a power struggle. Fortunately, most of that energy can be worked out behind closed doors, to each sign’s satisfaction.

The Good Side of Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio and Leo make one of the strangest combinations in astrology, although it can work out quite beautifully, as long as both are prepared to put in some work. Scorpio is a Water sign, and Leo is Fire—fire can make water boil, and water can snuff a fire out. These are two strong souls who share a love of home and family, as well as control and fidelity. Scorpios need two things in a relationship: intensity and to be loved completely. With a Leo, Scorpio gets the full package. Scorpios and Leos both like being in control, so there’s the intensity of their struggle for power. Leo also does everything in a big way, including giving their love. These two can enjoy a long history together of love, laughter, and joyous family gatherings, as well as easily thrive off of their self-made power station, but it won’t be a smooth ride.

The Bad Side of Scorpio and Leo

When Scorpio and Leo have a disagreement, the intensity can be overwhelming. Voices will be raised, doors will be slammed, and maybe even a few dishes will be broken. If they didn’t love each other so much, they wouldn’t care to get so upset. Whatever bonds these two through all of their trials and tribulations, it seems to have the ability to weather almost any storm. Still, it’s a rough road sometimes because they are continually resolving conflicts.

Keys to a Successful Union

Scorpio and Leo are born at a 90-degree angle, also known as a square, which can be a bit of a tug of war at times. Power struggles may result as a part of the dynamic. These two “Fixed” signs can dig their heels in and have some intense arguments when they don’t agree. They can also admit that all that intensity can result in some seriously hot make-up sex.

Here’s the key to success: Admit that they thrive on that passionate and edgy feeling on a consistent basis. Take turns taking charge, remember neither is the parent or the child. Having an interest both share can bond them in the long term.


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