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Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Scorpio and Scorpio

Of all the Sun signs, Scorpio is the one that can pretty much connect with any other sign on some level. When you put Scorpio and Scorpio together, you get a powerful connection on many levels – physical, sexual, emotional and even psychic. After the first date, these two can quickly move into a strong and deep connection. If they could build a mote around their private castle and keep the world at bay, nothing would make them happier. Both Scorpios are looking to make a lifelong bond that is impenetrable by outside forces.

Generally, in a relationship, Scorpio would spend more time trying to uncover the inner workings of their partner rather than disclosing their own secrets; that doesn’t work in a Scorpio and Scorpio relationship. In no uncertain terms, they have met their match. As two intuitive souls, they can often communicate volumes without the use of words. It’s those expressive and penetrating Scorpio eyes that say it all. Together Scorpio and Scorpio can become a power couple whose love for one another is the envy of many.

Love by Element: Water and Water

When Scorpio and Scorpio make a love match, it may be a while before these two Water signs come up for air. It’s an immediate connection with their most compatible sign, someone just like themselves. Scorpio does like to find out about their partner more than they want to reveal about themselves, but that won’t work here. On the upside, Scorpio and Scorpio make an intuitive and emotional connection that is deeper than any ocean. This relationship forms a sound foundation that gives them both a partner they can understand and relate to. In the boudoir, Scorpio’s favorite room in the house, these two may disappear for long periods of time while exploring not only the physical, but supernatural connection between them.

The Good Side of Scorpio and Scorpio         

A Scorpio and Scorpio love match is nothing short of intense, unique, and exhilarating. While Scorpio is often thought to be the one sign that goes with almost every other sign, a Scorpio-Scorpio relationship is the ultimate connection. This couple doesn’t even need to speak words to convey a thousand deep emotions with one another—it’s all said in those Scorpio eyes. While Scorpios are reluctant to share their deepest selves with others, another Scorpio provides a safe place to unfold and unwind. Here they have each found someone who knows what they’re thinking, how they’re thinking and why. Sex is another form of communication they not only enjoy but master. These two will spend hours together in bed, and may even let the weekend go by without leaving the room. This is an easy-going connection that is simply wonderful for both, but never boring.

The Bad Side of Scorpio and Scorpio

This relationship is dynamite—actually, it’s a double-shot of plutonium since Pluto is Scorpio’s modern-day ruler (aggressive Mars is their original ruling planet). Emotions run deep, and together, these two can build a proverbial mote around their home just to assure their privacy. They get enough outside world influence during the week, but they really would do well to socialize more in a personal way to keep the balance. Speaking of their home, Scorpio and Scorpio may meet, date, and become roommates before anyone has time to say “yes.”  Once they’ve found each other, they’re sure there’s no reason to wait, and no need to have their sexual entanglements any more complicated than they need to be.

Keys to a Successful Union

Scorpio and Scorpio are a same-sign couple, giving them a unique dynamic. It’s not just about loving someone else, but also about self-acceptance and loving oneself, faults and all.  Although usually slow to open up in relationships, Scorpio and Scorpio form an immediate bond and find safety and security with each other.

Here’s the key to success: One day you’re naughty, one day you’re nice, and the same goes for your partner. Allow acceptance for both of you to experience the full scope. Also, as much as they enjoy each other’s company, maintaining a certain amount of autonomy will keep life interesting, and help to keep the spark between them.


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