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Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

Scorpio and Taurus Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Scorpio and Taurus

Scorpio and Taurus are two astrological opposites who like the same things and have plenty in common. These two are made for one another in many ways, especially in the boudoir where their erotic skills come to the fore. Scorpio’s sex drive is strong, and they’ll be impressed with Taurus’ ability to move the earth under their feet. They both enjoy excellent communication, except for when the stubborn bull comes face-to-face with a broody, moody Scorpio. Disagreements can be challenging but hopefully short-lived just by giving each other a little space.

Aside from their passionate compatibility, home is where the heart of this relationship lies. They like their privacy and think weekends are made for binge-watching movies with plenty of tasty snacks and intermissions. However, too much solitude and isolation could cause these two to become out of touch, and perhaps a bit out of shape. It’s a good idea for them to invite friends over to keep life interesting. Since both Scorpio and Taurus love to entertain, people will be more than happy to spend an evening with this loving couple as the hosts.

Love by Element:  Water and Earth

Water and Earth generally blend well together, especially when it comes to Scorpio and Taurus.  Earth needs water to stay fruitful; water needs the shoreline, a steady partner, who adapts to water’s ever-changing tides.  Water and Earth support each other.  Both elements seek the same security and comfort in their environment and in love.  If Taurus and Scorpio both choose to live under the same roof, they cohabitate nicely, and their home is a welcoming place they’ll enjoy sharing with friends and family.

Each possesses qualities that elevate the other.  They both love a sense of security, they sparkle together in the bedroom, and both enjoy a challenge—which makes this relationship everything they’d both hope for.

The Good Side of Scorpio and Taurus

Scorpio and Taurus are two opposites who complement each other well. Together, under one roof, home is their sanctuary. On the weekends, unless entertaining friends, it will also be a volley between the bed and the couch, maxing and relaxing. As two go-getters in the “real world,” Scorpio and Taurus’ favorite pastime is cooking and eating good food, watching good movies, and enjoying hours of slow, sensual, and intense sex. These two provide the comfort and security they both seek in relationships. Their home is a place of beauty that’s comforting and inviting to those they let in. It’s a good thing these two are good at making money because they both like to spend it as well.

The Bad Side of Scorpio and Taurus

Luckily Scorpio and especially Taurus love to entertain. If they don’t spend some of their downtime socializing they could become a reclusive couple who is a little out-of-touch with the world. Another thing these two may need to be aware of is that they’re both prone to being jealous and possessive. Revenge is another strong emotion these two are capable of. If someone hurts one of them, they had better look out. Again, spending too much time alone could have a similar effect. If they start picking on each other, they should see it as a sign to take a walk, go out shopping, or just get lost for a few hours.

Keys to a Successful Union

Scorpio and Taurus are six signs apart on the zodiac wheel. They are drawn together by a magnetic force we sometimes call, “opposites  attract.”  As both are Fixed signs, they’re also stubborn in their resolve, so neither one likes to give in or back down. They want their way.

Here’s the key to success: Balance and compromise equal success. Balance each other’s extremes. Since these two have healthy sexual appetites, an example would be where Scorpio could spend more time on foreplay, and in exchange, Taurus could learn to experiment in the boudoir. Compromise will get them both the desired results, while also feeling comfortable about it.

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