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Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

Virgo and Taurus Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Virgo and Taurus  

Virgo and Taurus make a grounded and stable pair who can also be wildly erotic. This pair will love pampering and spoiling one another with romantic gestures and small tokens of affection. Virgo and Taurus give each other the security they both seek in a traditional relationship. However, for as much as this couple likes to get into their groove of a familiar routine, it could quickly turn to boredom. They’ll have to break the monotony of daily life by going out with friends or having people over because Taurus loves to entertain.

Sexually, Taurus will marvel at Virgo’s erotic and exquisite style of lovemaking, especially their meticulous attention to detail. Together they have a passionate connection that can go from sweet one minute to steaming hot the next – earth signs know how to make the earth move. Virgo and Taurus are on the same page when it comes to wanting monogamy in a relationship, as well as respect. It may be somewhat of a slow road to professing the L-word on both sides. However, once it’s said, these two will make a quick skip down the aisle to commitment.

Love by Element: Earth and Earth

When two Earth signs get together, there may be an occasional shifting of tectonic plates, but eventually, they’ll settle into their fertile and happy existence together. Virgo needs to be sure that a relationship will work before they commit. When Taurus feels like romance is going great, they will drop any hangers-on and commit fully. Earth signs like dependability and stability, and once Virgo and Taurus come in true love, they’ll have exactly that. Both Virgo and Taurus instinctively know that the other needs and they do a great job of making each other feel relaxed and secure. Where it might seem boring and predictable to an Air or Fire sign, these two Earth signs appreciate having someone to depend on.

The Good Side of Virgo and Taurus

Virgo and Taurus make a comfy, cozy, but never dull couple. Once they are committed to their love match, they form an unbreakable bond. When dating, Virgo enjoys the traditional courtship scene and Taurus is glad to oblige. This means they may not consummate their relationship right away, despite the almost instant attraction. However, once behind closed doors, Virgo will love Taurus’s sensual approach, and Taurus will be captivated by Virgo’s slow, simmering approach. Taurus is the planner and Virgo is the doer, and together, they form a perfect match—whether in bed, tackling chores or deciding on a vacation destination. Virgos are known to be careful with money while Taurus likes the best that money can buy. Virgo may worry that their partner is a bit spendy until they learn that Taurus is also savvy with finances. Taurus will show Virgo how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures without breaking the bank.

The Bad Side of Virgo and Taurus

Virgo and Taurus have a different approach to dating. Although their expectations in a committed relationship match beautifully, getting there may be the tricky part. Virgo isn’t prone to casual flings or meaningless sex, at least not as a hobby. They also can’t fall in love unless they know that their partner is “all in.” On the flip side, Taurus will date others until they find “the one.”  Once they do, however, all of the other dating options will quickly fall away.

Keys to a Successful Union

Born four signs apart, a Virgo and Taurus relationship can be a bit of heaven on Earth. These two Earth signs create a happy and harmonious connection. Virgo’s worrisome ways will lessen thanks to Taurus’s soothing demeanor. Taurus will feel appreciated and understood by Virgo.

Here’s the key to success: However, these two can be almost too comfortable together. While they’re perfectly fine to be relaxed in one another’s presence, a little mystery goes a long way in keeping it exciting. For example, Virgo may adore Taurus’s pearly whites, but they don’t need to watch their lover floss. Taurus may love touching Virgo’s soft skin, but they don’t need to see them applying moisturizer.

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