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Aries Yearly Horoscope: 2020

The Year Ahead
This year you will develop a laser-focus on your career, leadership, and success. Jupiter, the Great Benefic, is in Capricorn in your solar tenth house at the top of your chart, and whatever he touches he expands. This brings recognition and reward for your hard work, talent, skills, and abilities and you will find that doors open, important connections are made, and people go out of their way to help you get ahead. It’s almost as if a spotlight is shining on you and your career, and opportunities seem to pop up out of nowhere.

The truth is though, you’ve worked hard and laid the groundwork for this. If that were not the case, these things would not be happening. Saturn, the Great Teacher, joins Jupiter in this transit, and like all good teachers he rewards growth, effort, and lessons well learned. Avoiding responsibility, passing the buck, lying, and other poor choices or behaviors will see quick correction and stern repercussion. Strive to be the very best person you can be.

There is another warning that comes with this transit and that is to avoid extremes, which includes over-working and not giving yourself enough downtime to recover. This becomes especially important when your planetary ruler, Mars, moves into Capricorn from 2/16 through 3/30, and adds fuel to an already hot flame. Burning your candle at both ends will leave you fried and depleted, so pace yourself, take vacation time, and leave your work at the office.

This year the ideal times for meeting someone new, or for refreshing and deepening your connection with your partner are:
Jan 1 – Jan 13
Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and romance is in Aquarius and activates friendship and social engagements in your chart. Focus on the friendship you have with your partner or date and share your dreams and long-term goals. This will deepen your connection and grow your relationship.
Feb 7 – March 4
Venus moves into Aries and highlights your self-confidence, self-esteem, and attractiveness. Your charm and spontaneity are combined with a robust attractiveness which is exciting to be around and draws suitors, or your partner, into your orbit. Remember to pay attention to their needs as well as your own.
Sept 6 – Oct 2
Venus moves into Leo and fires up love, romance, and fun. Your playful, fun-loving spirit naturally turns to romance and there is an ease of connection and sharing that draws you closer to those you care about. Remember not to go along just to get along though. Hold fast to your own beliefs and principles.
Oct 27 – Nov 20
Venus enters Libra and activates marriage, partnership, and commitment. Your energy is open-hearted, present, and loving. You are able to listen and empathize with your date or partner which automatically makes them feel closer to you. Your Achilles heel is a tendency to be a people-pleaser, so stay true to yourself and all will be fine.

As mentioned above, your career is on fire this year and you are moving in the right direction. Any setbacks are best seen as course corrections, behavior or attitude adjustments, and used to get back on the fast track again. Uranus, the Great Awakener, transits your house of material affairs all year so you can expect your values, attitudes, and finances to go through a myriad of changes and adjustments. As long as you remain detached and roll with what comes, you’ll be fine. There are no major downs, just an overall expansion in this area of your life. Play with ideas for creating new income streams and ways in which you can be fiscally independent. When Venus transits this house March 4th – April 3rd you can expect new opportunities, possibilities, and financial blessings to flow your way.

Personal Growth/Spirituality
Neptune, the Great Mystic, highlights mystical affairs all year. Pay special attention to your dreams, perhaps even begin to keep a dream journal as you will find invaluable insight and guidance will flow to you through this subtle channel all year long. Meditation and self-reflection will also be extremely fruitful so set aside time every day for this; even ten minutes a day will make a huge difference in every area of your life. Chiron is in your sign, Aries, in your first house and will be joined by your ruling planet, Mars, who transits and retrogrades here from June 6 – Nov 13, adding his own brand of fire power to this experience. While this may at times feel uncomfortable, it is a transit that is designed to help you uncover any wounds or blocks to your self-esteem and confidence. When something difficult or painful comes up, deal with it, don’t run from it. On the other side is a new capacity for self-love and a whole new ability to appreciate and care for yourself.

Making the Best of 2020
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