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Gemini Yearly Horoscope: 2020

The Year Ahead
This year you will experience a strong focus on the hidden mysteries and find yourself doing a deep dive into topics and experiences around birth, death, intimacy, and self-growth. Jupiter, the Great Benefic, and Saturn, the Great Teacher, are in Capricorn and transiting your solar eighth house, ensuring a powerful rebirth as well as an upgrade in how you see and live your life.

Conversations and connections this year are deep and meaningful, and you will have no tolerance for empty small talk, mindless activities, or shallow social niceties. You are being called to go deeper than you ever have before, to look under the surface of things, under the masks that people wear, and under your own psychological conditioning and beliefs where you will discover a power that changes your life for the better, forever. As you embrace the change and transformation taking place inside you, you are empowered to make the same kind of change and transformation in your life as well as in the world around you.

You have the potential to become a more powerful and honest version of yourself and you find that you are able to open up to others at a level you’ve never been able to do before. You are authentically yourself, and you approach things with an emotional depth and veracity that calls forth the same in others. Any kind of therapy or counseling that you embark upon this year will help to heal longstanding issues and wounds, even things you’ve long struggled with. Do not underestimate the magnitude of healing available to you now.

This year the ideal times for meeting someone new, or for refreshing and deepening your connection with your partner are:
Feb 7 – March 4
Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and romance is in Aries and activates friendship and social engagements in your chart. By nurturing the friendship you have with your partner or date and sharing what matters to you most, including your greatest strengths and challenges, they will feel free to do the same. As the friendship grows, romance will blossom as well.
April 4 – Aug 6
Venus moves into your own sign of Gemini, highlighting your intelligence, attractiveness, confidence, and self-esteem. Venus goes retrograde here from 4/13 – 6/25, giving you an extended opportunity to step into your self-esteem and self-confidence and to rid yourself of anything that blocks it. You have a sparkling wit and magnetism that draws people to you because you are such great company. You are a bit of social butterfly and right now there are a lot of flowers in the garden; you may want to enjoy the nectar and keep your options open.
Oct 27 – Nov 21
Venus moves into Libra and highlights love, romance, and creativity. Venus is the ruler of Libra and she is strong and happy in this sign, so the power of attraction is at an epic high during this transit. By engaging in fun and creative activities you are most likely to meet someone new or take your existing relationship to new levels.
Dec 15 – Jan 8/2021
Venus enters Sagittarius and activates marriage, partnership, and committed relationships. You have a love of life and joie de vivre that is contagious and wildly attractive! Consider traveling during this transit. Anything with an element of adventure is right up your alley and will very likely attract a suitor or delight your partner.

The North Node in Cancer activates material affairs in your solar chart this year and indicates a strong focus on personal security, on what you most value, and on getting your financial affairs in order. Your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde here in your second house from June 18 through July 7, so anything you’re overlooking or avoiding will arise and insist on being dealt with. The more organized, responsible, and mature you are with regard to your financial affairs, the easier these transits will be. This year you have the opportunity to learn a great deal about yourself; ultimately you are being given a chance to master prosperity consciousness.

Personal Growth/Spirituality
Uranus, the Great Awakener, activates dreams, visions, and mystical affairs in your chart this year, bringing an enlivening focus to the subtle realms. Any metaphysical studies such as astrology, tarot, sound vibration healing, or dream analysis are encouraged, and with Neptune, the Great Mystic, activating your solar tenth house of career and success you may be able to turn your gift in the mystical arts into an income stream. Your own dreams will be powerful and transformative so be sure to keep a dream journal; it will serve as both personal guidance and an individualized dream class curriculum.

Making the Best of 2020
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