Dating a Sagittarius Man

Getting to Know Astrology’s Spontaneous Adventurer

The Sagittarius man is a sensitive, thoughtful and compassionate soul who longs to share his life with someone who matches his freedom-loving and hopeful spirit. Like his ruler, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, the Sagittarius man can emanate an energy field almost as large as life itself. If you’re thinking of dating a Sagittarius Man, just make sure you’re ready and open to whatever might pop up at a moment’s notice; couch potatoes need not apply.

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Hello There, Mr. Sagittarius

Starting a conversation with a Sagittarius man is easy to do. He can’t get enough of learning about new things that feed his philosophical mind. He loves having meaningful and informative conversations, especially about journeys, trips, travel, and adventures. If you want his attention, this is one sure way to get it! If the two of you click, get ready for things to move rather quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be dating a Sagittarius man.

Dating a Sagittarius Man

As with anything in his life, the Sagittarius man is in one of two modes—he’s either on or off. There’s no dimmer switch to this fire sign’s affections. While most people develop a relationship over time, going from friendship to dating to commitment, the Sagittarius man will go from one extreme to the other and at their own quick pace.

He doesn’t like rules and he follows his own timetable. Any hesitation by you may frustrate him and he might even feel like you’re rejecting him. If you want him to stick around but maybe take things a little slower, be sure to tell him your reasons. Then, if he still sticks around after that you’ll know that he’s all in. But he doesn’t want to wait too long. If he’s ready to move the relationship forward, he will expect you to feel the same. But if he doesn’t get that response, he’ll quickly walk away preferring not to waste anyone’s time.

If you’re on board and dating a Sagittarius man, then get ready for a never-ending itinerary that rarely repeats itself. You’ll be doing things that fill the mind and the senses; this is one sign that knows how to experience life and all it has to offer. He’s typically athletic, but even if he’s not, the Sagittarius man doesn’t let anything stop him. While dating a Sagittarius man you may find yourself camping out under the stars or hitting the road without a GPS.

What the Sagittarius Man Really Wants When Dating

In a dating relationship, the Sagittarius man wants to share his time with someone who is as adventurous as he is. To him nothing feels better than the freedom of having no walls, limitations or rules to follow. So if you’re thinking of dating a Sagittarius man, this is an important thing to know. However, if he’s feeling the call to get out and about and you decide to stay behind, he won’t mind. Just don’t expect your Sagittarius man to stay home and warm the couch with you either; he’ll probably still go without you. Hopefully you won’t decline invitations too often or soon you and he will be living separate lives. For the Sagittarius man, when a romantic relationship is over, it’s over. There will be no wavering, second-guessing or looking back. It’s either working or it’s not. It’s that simple.

Sex With a Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man wants to kick back and enjoy the ride, and that’s what he wants for his partner too. If you want to experience wild abandon and all of its endorphin-inducing qualities with a Sagittarius man, then you’d better check your inhibitions and heavy emotional baggage at the door. He’s a very attentive lover who likes to drive his partner wild—and he does. Sex to a Sagittarius man is best enjoyed when viewed as a source of pleasure and joy for the sheer enjoyment of it. It’s fun, it feels good and hopefully, it involves a little experimentation.

Still, to get to that stage with a Sagittarius man takes time, believe it or not. He has very specific likes and dislikes in the bedroom; he also wants to know yours. While dating a Sagittarius man, you’ll probably spend a lot of time exploring and getting to know your sexual tastes. This in itself is an adventure, just like every other part of his life. One thing almost every Sagittarius man likes is making love outdoors—he is part centaur after all. If you’re lucky enough to be dating a Sagittarius man, it’s practically guaranteed that you’ll never be bored.

What He’s Looking for Long Term

What the Sagittarius man is looking for long-term is a partner who mirrors a lot of his same qualities. If you can match his compassion, his larger-than-life heart, his sense of adventure and his desire to have a truly meaningful romantic connection, then chances are you’re what he’s looking for long term. On the subject of jealousy—yes, he can get jealous but he’ll never tell you when he is. And if you find yourself feeling jealous you shouldn’t either. Jealousy is an ugly emotion to the Sagittarius man, but he also knows he’s not infallible to it.

Though he doesn’t often show it, he’s a very complex man. The Sagittarius man can be a loving, romantic, sympathetic, philosophical, and carefree companion. The hardest part about dating a Sagittarius man is that he has no social filter; he can be blunt beyond all bluntness. He’s also smart and discerning and he chooses his long-term relationships carefully. The Sagittarius man likes a well-rounded woman who can hold her own in a conversation, has empathy for others and who is up to a challenge every now and then. He’s looking for a partner who will constantly stimulate his mind, body, and soul.

With all you now know, do you think you would like dating a Sagittarius man?

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