Dating a Scorpio Man

Getting to Know Astrology’s Most Magnetic and Mysterious

The Scorpio man is an intensely passionate and powerful force. When his attention turns to love, he is nothing less than focused. He holds an immense amount of intuitive ability and he is also very sensitive and complex. But, he rarely shows that on the outside, unless he’s with someone he trusts. Then he can let his guard down a little. He longs to make that intimate connection that is so deep and strong that nothing breaks it. If you’re thinking of dating a Scorpio man, get ready for a ride that rivals any roller coaster you’ve ridden.

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Hello There, Mr. Scorpio

The Scorpio man is fairly easy to spot in a crowd if you know what you’re looking for. It’s those magnetic, hypnotic eyes of his. No astrological sign is impervious to this perplexing man’s laser focus. Though admirers often surround him, he prefers to do the chasing. So, if you really like him, let him pursue you. Be flirtatious and elusive. Lock eyes just long enough to give him a glimpse into your soul and then turn away. If he finds that attractive, he’ll make a move in your direction. You’ll feel him enter your space as he exudes enough sex appeal to entice the entire zodiac world.

Dating a Scorpio Man

If you’re thinking of dating a Scorpio man you should know that what he really wants is a lasting, trusting relationship with someone he can connect with outside and definitely inside the bedroom. The Scorpio man is the seeker of truth in everything and everyone he gets close to. Keeping secrets from him is practically impossible, so don’t try. If he thinks you’re playing games, he’ll never reveal the entrance to his deeper well—his heart. The Scorpio is very picky about whom he lets enter his sacred circle, and he’s very adept at sizing up people from the moment he meets them.

Like watching a cinematic thriller, dating a Scorpio man may involve intriguing situations and tantalizing twists, but mostly your dates will consist of romantic walks on the beach, delicious dinners by candlelight and plenty of pillow talk.

There is one thing unique about the Scorpio man: It may seem that sometimes he’s trying to test you. But he’s merely testing your reactions to certain situations. He’ll tease and watch you respond. It seems cruel, but he’s merely seeing what you’re made of. It’s a trust thing. He will only reveal the depth of his true emotions and vulnerability to those he can trust. This is the ultimate connection that Scorpio deeply yearns for in relationships.

What the Scorpio Man Really Wants When Dating

The Scorpio man is a magnet for dating. His sign is the eighth sign of the zodiac—the house that rules death, sex and taxes—things we rarely talk about. He can capture the heart of any sign of the zodiac, and he probably wouldn’t mind getting intimate with any of them either. But when it comes to a solid, lasting relationship, the Scorpio man requires more than the depth of an 18-inch mattress. Other water signs like Pisces or Cancer seem to blend with his qualities of emotion and intuition. And, he admires earth signs for their honest, straight-forward approach to life. He and Taurus are very similar in their needs as far as relationships go. Both can be jealous and possessive, but a good partner can quell the Scorpio man’s insecurity (as long as they never use the word “insecurity” since that would be insulting to them).

Being a water sign, the Scorpio man feels deeply about everything in his life. If he’s dating someone, he needs to feel that he’s dating someone just as sensitive as he is. Unlike his fellow water signs, however, the Scorpio man is more skilled at keeping his emotions inside. This makes him sexy and secretive. His partners want to dig deeper and know him more intimately.

Sex With a Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is filled with passionate feelings and desires that run deep. In astrology, this sign rules the genitals which is why he’s often described as a sex maniac. Adventurous and sexually open are the best words to describe this lusty and voracious sexual animal. He’s really not an enigma though. He’s just way more open and truthful about his lustful thoughts than others, and he’s always ready to try anything at least once.

Sex with a Scorpio man is often described as an unforgettable encounter that engulfs your mind, body, and soul. If you’re dating a Scorpio, your days and nights should be full of ever-changing quests, adventures and perhaps even a few challenges. He may coax you into breaching your own boundaries as well, but it will still be your choice of course. He would, however, like to share his bed with someone with whom he connects and trusts and places that same trust in him. Sex is an awesome experience. And unlike some relationships, the longer you’re with a Scorpio the deeper the two of you will travel into the unknown areas of your sexuality. Boredom in the bedroom is highly unlikely.

What He’s Looking for Long Term

Dating a Scorpio can seem like a balancing act between two extremes. For instance, he likes when you show an interest in him, but being too forward is a turn-off. Give him the “green light” but then let him pursue you. He is looking for the quintessential lady in the parlor and the lady of the evening in the bedroom. Scorpio likes a girl with class and style who can also let her hair down and get a little wild behind closed doors.

He can only see the future of a relationship with someone he can trust. And although you can say that about pretty much any relationship, for the Scorpio man honesty is serious business. He may be a confusing and even intense person to date, but if he’s in love with you then you should know that he wants only the best for you both. That includes everything from your home to your environment, the food you eat and the people you surround yourself with. He’s protective and yes, sometimes even a bit possessive, but it all comes from a place of love and deeply felt emotions.

With all you now know, do you think you would like dating a Scorpio man?

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