Astrology Basics: Second House

Do you wonder why you are always worried about money? Or why you never have any? Do you feel that you lack resources, financial, emotional or creative? Or do you feel that you have in abundance what others lack? Do you have a good sense of self-worth or do you wonder what that means?

In all cases, our personal resources, whether intellectual or material, are revealed by the second house. This is the house of Taurus, the steady, sensual, strong bull of the zodiac and presided over by Venus the goddess of beauty, art and values. The sign on the second house cusp reveals what you value most in life, or what you must have to feel fulfilled.

Examining your birthchart can reveal the hidden strengths, challenges and weaknesses of this area of your life. Look for the planets in your second house and read the interpretation below and you’ll have a much better idea of how to manage this essential area of your life:

You’re likely to earn money from your radiant creativity, yet you’re also a bit too tempted by luxury. Your wealth may be ‘easy come, easy go’ until you learn self-control.

The moon rules emotions, so it’s likely that emotional security trumps everything else for you. However, you may try to find emotional security through your material possessions, and this leaves you vulnerable. Transform your need for security by developing a trusting relationship with yourself and those important people in your life.

Your quick mind is your fortune, whether you use your ability to communicate verbally, visually or through writing you’ll go far.

Venus is at home here, as she naturally rules the second house. Lucky you, she also lives here. That translates into real abilities with aesthetics: interior decorating, design or the arts, and that is where you’ll find your wealth.

Independent, decisive, active Mars in residence in your second house grants you a bent for entrepreneurship or leadership. You’re competitive and confident – your fortune will find you as long as you follow your true interests. Your only weakness is impulsiveness, which you’ll have to learn to rein in or you’ll lose financially.

The planet of good fortune has settled in your house of resources, making you lucky with money but also likely to overspend. After all, when it comes so easily, it’s hard to believe that won’t always be true. Yet, rainy days come for everyone. Manage your money conservatively and you’ll never have to worry about the poorhouse.

Ambitious and skittish, the planet of drive and ambition lives in your second house. Yet this powerhouse is plagued with dark thoughts and fears – use your ambition well and you’ll prosper, let it turn grasping and fearful and you won’t. This is your challenge this lifetime.

The planet of radical change, revolutions and sudden opportunities is a mixed blessing in the second house. You’ll have to develop the ability to ride out booms and busts but if you learn to manage unexpected change and reversals you’ll live a life of unique opportunity.

Whoops! The planet of dreams, illusions and creativity has taken up residence in the area of your life governing resources. If you find a way to harness your intuitive flashes, your deep, unique creativity and your soulfulness in right-livelihood, you’ll be blessed with fortune. If you idle away your time dreaming of wealth to come, you’ll find yourself older and poorer than your fertile imagination could have ever pictured.

What a mixed bag! Pluto lends you his depth of insight, his incomparable powerful magnetism, and unfortunately, his tendency to destroy everything in one passionate sweep of the arm. The lesson for you this lifetime is to see yourself as a resource, not to cling to others for security. You’ll need to learn to merge your talents with the efforts of others without becoming dependent or resentful. You also have to learn to manage a tendency to be lazy, stubborn and argumentative. If you learn to navigate these challenges, Pluto’s depths, insights and passions will be the fount of your fortune.

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