Draw Love to You

Venus is in Aquarius – get ready to have some fun. Love is about being purely in the present, receiving from another only to turn and give again in the beautiful dance of life. And with Venus in Aquarius, you have your dancing shoes on!

So, where is love? How do I find it? How does it find me? So many questions, but only one, simple answer – be love. In everything you do, in everyone you meet, in the morning, in the evening and especially when someone cuts you off in traffic, be love.

Remember the very first time you fell for someone? It seems as though everything they did was wonderful. You were in complete acceptance of this person and everything about them was new and exciting. It seemed an endless journey of discovery to know them and to be around this new special person.

But what about going on dates? Hitting the scene? What about all the things I should do to find love?

You may do whatever you feel compelled to do. But whatever you do, you must be love.

Here’s why
Objects of like attract each other. What are the attributes you are looking for in another person? Make a list of what you want, not what you may have heard is a good attribute. What do you respond to? What draws you near to a person? In people in your life, what are character traits that make you stay just a little longer?

Take a look at this list. Now, practice the principles you have put down. If you want someone who laughs when things go awry, practice a light touch when things don’t go your way. If you desire someone who goes to plays, go to a play. Even if you have to go by yourself – be what you want.

And then, be patient. Something amazing is in the works. By being what you are seeking, you right yourself out of co-dependent romanticizing. If you want someone financially responsible be financially responsible. Save yourself from the castle and the hoped-for prince will suddenly be a mere mortal who you actually have a chance of meeting!

And then, the most incredible thing will happen. The person you described on your list will come into your life. And the really wild thing is that anything on the list that you are not practicing, they won’t practice either. If you want someone who likes to volunteer and you never give your time to others, you are sure to attract someone who doesn’t either. It is impossible to attract what you refuse to have in your life. It’s just how it works.

In the meantime, relax! Good things are coming to you everyday and each moment they draw near. Be love wherever you go and love will have to come to you. It’s in the planets and the love is in you. And it’s expanding already.

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