Elemental Soul Cleansing

Winter is often stressful – let’s face it, any time of year can be tough. But if you’re like so many battling the post-holiday, mid-winter, dark day doldrums – or even if you’re simply finding that you feel a bit, well, out of touch with yourself, it’s the perfect time to get to the heart of the matter.

Now is a perfect time to go deep – within yourself to reconnect with the real you and your true purpose in life. In this down season, where winter weather, colds or any variety of things prevents us from having all that much going on, there’s an opportunity to make a few small “soul cleansing” changes to help make you happy all year long!

It’s easy to lose track of ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the day to day, but believe it or not these little adjustments by element can help lift your spirits, center you and energetically align you with the universe.

Air Signs
Your mission is to get out of your head and into your heart. More than any of the other signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are intellectually oriented. As such, lists will go a long way to help you focus. If you’re an Air Sign (or have an Air Rising Sign), set aside a chunk of time (even 15 minutes will do) to take a few deep breaths. Then make a list. What do you want your life to look like – inside and out? What practical steps can you take to help foster these heart’s desires? Putting this all down on paper will help even the most high-minded Aquarius or fast-paced Gemini feel like they’ve re-gained some control and gotten in touch with their core.

Remember, it’s the little things – not necessarily grand gestures – that make all the difference in appealing to our senses, feeding our spiritual self and paying attention to our physical and emotional well-being. Light incense or some candles and take a bubble bath (if you simply must, bring a good book). Art loving Libras especially may want to take in some art at the local museum or gallery. Go to a place you loved as a kid and remember why you love it so much. Whatever you choose, the idea is to feed your senses (after all, your intellect can rest easy for a bit thanks to the list you just made and the steps you’ve laid out) and thereby, nourish your soul.

Earth Signs
There’s no place like home for an earth sign. If any element of the zodiac places value on their surroundings above most other things in life, it’s the Earth Signs. From sensual Taurus, who takes pleasure from all earthly delights (food, sex, nature – preferably in some combination) to beautiful Virgo whose attention to detail translates to a wardrobe (and likely, home decor) to die for, to hard working Capricorn whose passion for productivity is perhaps only outdone by their passion for relaxation, these grounded types may like to travel, sure, but they also have no aversion to staying at home… which, after all, is where their hearts are.

If you’re an Earth Sign (or have an Earth Ascendant), there’s no better way to cleanse your soul than by beautifying your environment. First, set your intention. What does your personal sanctuary symbolize? How do you want to feel when you’re there? Choose colors, textures, decorations and even scents (preferably derived from nature like pine or ocean) that work in accordance with those feelings. Calm pastels, exciting vibrant hues, earthy browns and greens will all have different effects. What’s most important in this endeavor is that it’s your personal project and that even while working at it, you feel at peace – like you’re doing something truly beneficial for yourself… because you are, and your space will serve as lasting proof of your ability to take care of yourself and your needs.

Fire Signs
A little charity goes a long way with a fire sign. These powerhouses get things done – from aggressive Aries to scene-stealing Leo to Sagittarius the adventurer. Nary a Fire Sign who isn’t self-assured… which, (for better and worse) can also imply being self-centered. In fact, more so than any other element, these show-stoppers often expect the world to play by their rules, and as such, can lose sight of a universal connection in the process. After all, our souls are truly fed on human connection. So what is the best way for a Fire Sign (including Sun or Rising Sign) to fan the flames of self-awareness and emerge like a phoenix from their own ashes? Moving outside of the self and helping someone less fortunate is a great place to start.

Fire Signs would be well served to put some of that heat to use – in service of a local charity. Set aside one day a month and volunteer at a homeless shelter, teach a class at a community center, deliver Meals on Wheels. The activity you choose doesn’t matter as long as it involves interaction with people and doing something positive for them – free of charge and devoid of self-interest. You’ll find that by doing this, your bond with humankind is strengthened and your spark for your own life will reignite – starting with gratitude for all that you already have.

Water Signs
Oh, contemplative Water Signs… You spend so much time mulling over the mysteries of life – real questions as well as grand delusions – and plumbing the depths of existence, it’s no wonder you sometimes lose touch with yourselves. The thing is, we all do! Only you’re so busy philosophizing/day dreaming/analyzing that you jump ship more than most anyone else in the zodiac. The good news is that even more so than your astrological counterparts, you can find inner peace by working your outer body. So get physical! Increasing your physical activity – presenting yourself with a tangible challenge and doing the work it requires to meet it – will re-establish your mind-body connection, thereby inspiring your soul to soar. After all, if you’re going to succeed at anything (self-discovery or otherwise), you want to be functioning at peak performance.

Plus, since people whose Sun (or Ascendant) is in sensitive Cancer, mysterious Scorpio or imaginative Pisces have the highest tendencies to over-indulge (in food, drink and yes, even sex), Water Signs need to pay special attention to how they treat themselves – it has a direct correlation with how the world will treat them. If this sounds familiar (being thrown off course by a long weekend feeling sorry for yourself… with a nice Cabernet), make a fitness plan and pay attention to your eating habits. Sure, these things benefit everyone, but Water Signs will find, that a healthy body goes a particularly long way to a healthy, focused and calmer mind… thus contributing to a more satisfied soul.

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