What Is the Significance of the Flower Moon?

A moon tinted pale yellow against a dark sky,

What Is the Flower Moon?

Full Moons occur approximately every 29 days, marking a time when the moon is directly opposite the sun and reflects its light fully. This lunar phase is also a period of spiritual release and new possibilities.

Each Full Moon has a unique meaning and purpose, often connected to the current season and the changes that the earth is experiencing as a given moon arrives. These meanings are typically reflected in their names, which are also derived from the beliefs and titles given by different people worldwide. Full Moon names vary by climate, culture, and region, reflecting the experiences of the people living in them. 

The month of May, in the middle of spring, is home to the Full Flower Moon. 

The Meaning of the Flower Moon

The Flower Moon is a gentle, placid astrological event that occurs at the height of spring. It reflects the season’s bright blossoms and unique opportunities for growth.

The May Full Moon has other names, as well. Across the world, it is sometimes called the Milk Moon, the Dancing Moon, the Planting Moon, and the Budding Moon, monikers that emphasize the season’s bounteous nature.

The Effects and Spiritual Meaning of the Flower Moon

The Flower Moon represents spring’s strength, vitality, and beauty. The radiance of this lunar phase is further emphasized by the sheer diversity of color and form that can be found in the season’s flowers and the sun’s golden warmth.

This Full Moon asks people to match the season’s abundance by sharing with others, pursuing their creative interests, and celebrating life. Spiritually speaking, this is a great time to relish the vibrant energy of rebirth that is so commonly associated with spring.

It is also a time to reach out to your community and form new connections. The Full Flower Moon challenges you to break barriers and explore what, if anything, may be stopping you from fully manifesting your dreams. Use this opportunity to seek spiritual fulfillment!

How To Use the Flower Moon

As you work with and reflect on the Flower Moon’s energy, certain instincts and ideas may come to you. That’s a great place to start! Be creative, and explore any thoughts that come your way, especially during ritual, meditation, or conversation.

That said, there are some ways to honor the Full Flower Moon that many people find helpful.

For instance, you can make a list of your favorite flowers. Then, go through it and really reflect on what their different energies mean to you. You can enhance this process by decorating your home or workspace with flowers as well.

You can also consciously set your intentions in the lead-up to the Flower Moon. Think about abundance. What does it mean to you? It doesn’t necessarily have to be about money. Perhaps an increase in laughter or personal time is what you’re looking for, or maybe you want to enjoy your loved ones’ company more often. Whatever you want, reflect on how you can invite it into your life. Do you need to release anything first?

Finally, consider taking a tip from nature and working with color. Look at the flowers around you and observe their variations in hue. Tap into how each shade evokes a different emotion. Select several that you’d like to emphasize in your personal surroundings. Work on bringing in artwork, linens, knick-knacks, and paints to create color themes you enjoy.

The Full Flower Moon in 2024

This year, the Full Flower Moon will occur on May 21 in the fire sign of Sagittarius. While anyone can use the Flower Moon’s powerful energy, those with prominent Sagittarius placements may find this time especially fruitful.

Abundant, generous Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Additionally, this sign is thought to be idealistic and forward-thinking. As such, this influence also encourages people to be open to change and to follow their instincts, interests, and dreams.

Learning How the Flower Moon Affects Your Chart

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