Emotional Healing: Pallas and Chiron Retrograde

Emotional Healing: Pallas and Chiron Retrograde | California Psychics

Retrograde of the Satellites

Usually, when we hear the term retrograde, we immediately think of certain planets and how they tend to make our lives a bit crazy. However, other celestial beings can are in possession of a retrograde cycle too. This month, both an asteroid and a comet will be going retrograde within a day of each other, bringing with them some major introspective energy.

An Introspective Double Retrograde

The asteroid Pallas (named for Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom) will be going retrograde in emotional Pisces on July 14, leading to feelings of insecurity and frustration. Meanwhile, on July 15, we have the comet Chiron (named for the centaur healer who couldn’t heal himself) going retrograde in Aries. This creates an intense and powerful shift in energy that turns our focus inward for the healing of emotional wounds and the development of self-love.

This combination could stir up some overwhelming emotions. What it could also do is offer the strength to face the emotions and revelations head-on and the energy to perform some healing.

How This Retrograde Will Affect the Zodiac


Chiron goes retrograde in your sign this month and remains through December 19. You may find yourself reflecting on your childhood and how it still impacts you now. This is the perfect time to nurture your inner child.


You may find yourself wondering why you are feeling so off. Even you, the usually balanced bull, have to deal with emotions and memories when they arise, unbidden. Let the memories come and drift off like clouds.


Forever looking in two different directions puts you in a good place to ride out the emotional rollercoaster that is happening right now. You already know where you are from and where you are going based on that insight.


Your empathy will be working overtime as you find yourself supporting and aiding friends and family. Make sure you are checking in with yourself too though, Cancer.


You are going to be called to face the feelings that you have been ignoring and pushing down, Leo. Now is the time to clear the board and reset.


Your analytical mind is going to be on vacation for a while, Virgo; at least, that’s how it will feel. Take some time to enjoy letting your instincts lead for a change.


Even though Chiron retrograde can bring some unpleasant surprises, it will bring you a deeper sense of balance and the ability to come to terms with things outside your control. Forgiveness is a keyword for you right now.


With your usual pull towards relationships that are based on exchanges of power, you may come out of this double retrograde having learned to trust your instincts when it comes to love, Scorpio. This cycle will help you to see that emotional connections are just as important as physical ones.


You are going to be focusing more on the fine print and small details than you normally do, Sag. Try not to lose yourself in the minutiae but remember to step back every so often.


Your need for structure and order is going to be stressed to the limit, dear Capricorn. Between both Pallas and Chiron, all your well-laid plans and understanding of self go right out the window. Be patient with yourself and others during this time.


Instead of yearning for the closeness of community, you will find yourself looking for more time alone to reflect on where you have been and where you are going. This is a fantastic time to start journaling.


Due to your particular link with Chiron, you are great at being a symbol of duality. During this time, you may find yourself reflecting on the similarities and differences there are in each facet of who you are. Don’t run from it, Pisces. Embrace it.

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