Everything Lucky About Cancer

A drawing of a crab over a light orange background, with the symbol for water to its left, a crescent moon beneath it, and the Cancer symbol to its right.

How Does Your Zodiac Sign Affect Your Luck?

Most of us know our zodiac signs, but did you know that your sign also affects your luck? Luck is a great addition to the many gifts of the zodiac. So, as summer begins to take hold and we move into Cancer season, let’s take a look at what new luck is coming Cancer’s way.

The Lucky Crab

Sentimental Cancer is associated with the fourth house in astrology, and it is ruled by the emotional moon. As such, Cancers have a wide variety of traits that make them lucky. For instance, they are deeply intuitive, and they’re also very able to learn from the past. The crabs of Cancer are not afraid to do things their own way. When challenged, Cancers will not back down from a fight and will instead pull from their strengths to come out on top.

Lucky Numbers

2, 7, 11

Lucky Gemstones

Moonstone, Pearl

Lucky Days

Tuesday, Sunday

Lucky Color


Lucky Tarot Card

Cancer’s lucky Tarot card is The Chariot. While The Chariot card can seem like an odd match at first, it is the perfect card to symbolize devoted Cancer. Quick on their feet, Cancers can easily regroup and change direction depending on what path best suits their needs. Additionally, the Chariot is all about moving in a positive direction, something that Cancer is always determined to do. This card also quite literally symbolizes drive, which Cancer possesses in spades.

Lucky Charms/Symbols

  • Crab
  • Pearls
  • Silver
  • Starfish
  • Ladybugs

Lucky Element

  • Water

Lucky Plants

  • White Roses
  • Lemon Balm
  • Bamboo

Things for Cancer To Avoid

  • Getting lost in their emotions
  • Combative signs like Aries and Gemini

The Luckiest Thing About Cancer

Cancers are adaptable. They roll with the punches and can shift their focus easily to prioritize what matters most in a given moment. Once they’ve set a goal, there isn’t much that can keep them from accomplishing it.

How Cancer Can Improve Their Luck

  • Take things day by day and go with the flow
  • Wear jewelry that features pearls, silver, or both

Crabwalk Into Luck

Just as crabs can walk side to side, or “crab dance,” around obstacles, so too can Cancer find a new path toward luck. If you find yourself feeling unlucky, you may find that changing direction benefits your situation.

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