Food by Element

Are you adventurous when it comes to food, willing to try anything once? Or are you a turkey-and-potatoes person who likes simple, well prepared meals? Although your Sun sign holds some clues to the foods you prefer, it’s your Moon sign that reveals what culinary bliss means for you.

So with the holiday gatherings upon us, with their assortment of delectable delights, let’s take a look at the food preferences of each sign, and the food-related pitfalls to watch out for. Read your Sun and Moon signs below:

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
No doubt about it, you’re a true foodie! You’re willing to try anything once – from just about anywhere in the world. Nothing is too adventurous for you, and the spicier the better. You can also enjoy simpler food as long as there’s plenty of it.

With Fire signs, food and fun go together. You’ll enjoy a campfire barbeque, or dining at a club with the music blaring. A lively environment energizes you. Which brings us to one of your dining pitfalls: Too much commotion can mess up the digestion. And watch out that your fiery temperament doesn’t prompt a binge. Fire signs sometimes eat to stuff angry feelings. Also, you can get carried away from simple enthusiasm and eat too much of the wrong things. Slow down while dining and you’ll eat less and enjoy it more. All in all, the best way to mix fun and food is to enjoy your culinary adventures (at a leisurely pace!), from a balanced variety of foods.

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Air signs are the haute-cuisine foodies of the zodiac. You have a fine sense of what an exceptional meal should be, not only in taste but in presentation. You enjoy a well-prepared meal with subtle flavors. And if it’s displayed artistically, so much the better. You may even be sensitive to meat and prefer a vegetarian diet. A balanced menu made up of foods that blend nicely together is your culinary bliss.

For Air signs, food tastes better when socializing, whether you’re with a group of friends or enjoying a sexy night in for two. In fact, you can get so caught up in the conversations around the table that you forget to enjoy the meal in front of you. Being the brainiest of the elements, you’re usually most comfortable up in your head, which can make you out of touch with the rest of your body. As such, you need to consciously focus on what your body needs for fuel. If you can get out of your head and into your body, you’ll experience the sensual delights a fine meal can bring.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Being in touch with your body isn’t a problem for you. Earth signs are the most sensual creatures of the zodiac. Being grounded, you’re the turkey-and-potatoes kind of foodie. You usually prefer simple foods without a lot of seasonings or sauces. You may be satisfied with just a burger, or perhaps you’re more health-conscious and prefer organic foods. For you, fresh fruits and veggies are your culinary favorites.

The gastronomic pitfalls of Earth signs is getting stuck in a rut. You have your favorites and are sometimes reluctant to try something new. The peas you detested as a kid may be what winds up in the dog’s dish as an adult. And although you’re a physical creature, you can be lazy as well. If you’re fatigued, try revving up your exercise routine rather than turning to sweets for energy. If you can combine the wholesome foods you like with daily exercise, you’ll be fit, happy and satisfied.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
You enjoy a wide variety of foods, from exotic foreign cuisine to a simple meal of broiled fish. In fact, you may have a special fondness for fish dishes – no surprise there, being a Water sign. As such, you also need plenty of fluids to keep you healthy.

For Water signs, food and nurturing go hand in hand. You may be quite sentimental about food. Recipes passed down through your family are probably favorites of yours now. Food connects you to those you love, so you find pleasure in preparing meals for friends and family.

The main culinary pitfall for Water signs is emotional eating. If you’re stressed, sad or lonely, you may have a tendency to overeat or drink too much alcohol. If you can find a healthier way to resolve negative feelings, you’ll experience the pleasure of a good meal without the consequences of overindulgence.

Whether it’s an exotic Indonesian dish or a plate full of plain veggies, each element has their favorites. So, eat, drink and be merry in whatever way brings you bliss.

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