How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Love

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Star Signs and Displays of Affection

It’s human nature to continuously seek understanding and connection. Perhaps the most salient intersection of these basic interests is the topic of human relationships. While inherently a complex undertaking, the quest for connection and understanding in the realm of relationships is exponentially complicated by the fact that social behavior varies widely, especially when it comes to expressions of vulnerability, including emotions such as love and affection. One way to start breaking down and examining these differences is through the lens of astrology.

Colloquially, many people use “zodiac sign” as a synonym for “sun sign.” However, people are much more than any one sign or planet, and birth charts are best understood in a larger context. The sun, moon, and ascendant (or rising sign) are three prominent placements that should be taken into account when looking at someone’s birth chart. Additionally, Venus, the planet that governs relationships and love, should be given specific attention when trying to understand how someone will express themselves to the people they care about.

Here is a brief overview of how each zodiac sign may show affection. Though this list is by no means exhaustive, looking at it with multiple placements in mind can help you develop a more comprehensive understanding of how you and the people you care about interact.


When Aries likes you, they’ll be comfortable playfully challenging you. They may tease you or get into a joking debate with you. The Aries-born usually find a bit of lighthearted back-and-forth fun, and they’ll probably try to engage in such interactions with the people they like.


The bull is all about comfort. So, when this sign wants to show love and affection, they seek to put the object of their attention at ease. This can look like stocking up on someone’s favorite drinks and snacks so that they’ll always have them on hand, or it can mean offering to treat them to a massage or a nice day out. Pampering is one of Taurus’ love languages.


When Gemini wants to show you that they care, they’ll invite you to go to different locales with them. The place itself may not be inherently special, but it will be special to your Gemini companion — and that is why it’s a significant expression of emotion from them. If you pay close attention, you’ll get a look into their inner world.


Cancers are well-known for wearing their emotions on their sleeves. They are not afraid to feel with an intensity that frightens many others. The Cancer-born generally use their words to articulate their exact emotions. You can expect a sweet and verbose text, letter, or conversation that expresses how they feel.


Leos want to shout their love out loud. They might take you out for a day on the town or make a public post about you on social media. They like a show and will make a display out of their affection. Revel in the spotlight that the Leos in your life will shine upon you — it means they care!


The sign of Virgo excels in the arenas of practicality and organization. They often come up with ways to express their devotion that are also practical and useful in your life. For instance, maybe they’ll notice that you need to do some shopping or remember that you’ve been wanting to get your car cleaned and take it upon themselves to make it happen. Virgos are great at little acts of service that bring ease to the lives of their inner circle.


Libras in love want adventure. They will invite you to come along. They hope to show you an exciting time and to make great memories with you. Love fills the background of a Libra’s life with exuberance and, in turn, they want to share their enthusiasm for life with those they love.


Scorpio’s form of love and affection can be summed up in one word: desire. However, it’s not necessarily in the way that you might think. Rather, it’s a desire to be close to you, talk to you, and know you. In a romantic setting, this will likely translate to a physical, sensual experience. In a platonic dynamic, this can look like deep conversation, heartfelt hugs, and shared secrets.


When expressing love or affection, Sagittarians seek to impress you. They want to make jokes that you laugh at, thrill you with their intellect, and dazzle you with their beauty. When a Sagittarius cares about you, they want to share their observations and perspective with you. They may invite you on a walk or find another way to share some quality time.


Capricorns are likely to sacrifice something for the people they love. This could mean offering you the last piece of pizza, giving you a ride home even when it’s in the opposite direction of their destination, or gifting you something that has sentimental value to them.


Aquarians want to share experiences with the people they love, even if it’s not at the same time. If you mention a coffee place you like, a TV show you’re planning to binge, or your favorite park, don’t be surprised if the next time you see them, they’ve tried it on your recommendation and are hoping to discuss it with you. They like to explore the same interests and experiences as their loved ones. It’s one of the ways they bond.


The Pisces-born make an earnest effort to truly see the people they love. They might notice the way you hold your coffee, how you watch for cars when crossing the street, or what new color you’ve just painted your nails, and they love each of those little details. Pisces loves deeply and will share that feeling with the objects of their affection, so genuinely that it can almost be overwhelming.

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