Your July 2017 Love Horoscope

A Little Heat and Spice to Add to Your Romantic Life

In your July 2017 Love Horoscope, there will be many opportunities to turn up the heat. This is especially true mid-month when Leo energy takes center stage. This kind of sexy energy can make your mid-summer boil over with excitement. In any case, July is all about opportunities to shake things up a bit if you desire. Or, you can leave things status quo if that’s the way you want to go. But opportunity wasted is opportunity lost—at least until the next chance comes around.

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Some of the hottest days to circle on your July 2017 Love Horoscope calendar are:

  1. The 14th when amorous Mercury in Leo will be at an angle to expansive Jupiter in partnership-loving Libra.
  2. The 18th when Venus in Gemini forms a lovely angle to lucky Jupiter. It’s a wonderful day for singles and those in a relationship to have a date night.
  3. The 19th when Mercury and Saturn make promises easy to make and keep.
  4. The 20th to the 24th is also a great time to heat things up. Mercury, Mars, the Sun and the New Moon are all in that tempting sign of Leo.

Here is your July 2017 Love Horoscope!


The world is your playground in July, Aries. The planets in your fellow fire sign of Leo will add a little heat to the landscape. That’s  just the way you like it. Before all of that action begins, however, flirty Venus steps into receptive Gemini on the 4th of July. This is great energy for singles to mingle and for not-so-single people to enjoy the company of friends. On the 20th your ruling planet, Mars, moves into the hot sign of Leo. By the time of the Leo New Moon on July 23, you’ll have the Sun, the Moon, Mars and Mercury all lighting up your fifth house of self-expression, frivolous fun and risqué behavior. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, July makes your whole summer sizzle, which is perfect for your sign.


Attached Taureans could be planning a homey get-together for the 4th of July. However, if you want to get away with your partner, go for it! Home will seem even cozier when your ruling planet, Venus, enters home-loving Cancer on the 31st. For all you single bulls, energetic Mars in Cancer lights up your third house of communication and emphasizes your gift of gab. You’ll find yourself saying and doing all the right things when it comes to social situations and flirtations. If you’ve been yearning for a partner to mess up your pillows, let Mars and the days before the 20th help. No pressure though, because after the 25th Mercury moves into body conscious Virgo. This is also known as your house of romance, dating and socializing. Single or attached, this is the perfect time for sensual massage.


Consider yourself fortunate with lucky and expansive Jupiter in forward motion in the partnership sign of Libra, your fifth house of fun and dating. Jupiter and Venus will be at a wonderful angle to each other, communicating and flirting. There will be month-long benefits for your love life, especially on the 18th when Venus in your sign trines Jupiter. Who said romance was made for weekends only? Why not spice things up with a romantic dinner, or use the 18th to try a dating site. If you’re too busy for a mid-week romance, there’s always the 20th through the 23rd when you’ll have aggressive Mars, the Sun and the Leo New Moon in your third house, enhancing communications of all kinds.


From the 4th of July, up until the last day of your July 2017 Love Horoscope, lovely Venus will be in social and chatty Gemini. This is your 12th house of secrets and indiscretions. Single or in a relationship, you’ll be doing plenty of socializing this month. It will be hard to find some alone time, unless you lock the door and shut off the phone. For singles, you’ll be meeting lots of people and not everyone is as nice as you. Therefore, be discerning and reserve your alone time for someone who deserves it. Between the 19th and the 24th, the Sun, the New Moon, Mars and Mercury will be in sexy and intelligent Leo. This will enchant your second house of cash, and give you the chance to meet some quality people who are great conversationalists. You like cerebral types.


We all get the gift of a New Moon in our sign once a year, and July is your month. New Moons symbolize new beginnings, so look at this New Moon on the 23rd as your astrological New Year. With planetary support surrounding your house of self-empowerment, you have a tendency to be overly sensitive and quick to jump to conclusions. However, these planets should empower you to take charge of your love life, and be the sensual siren. Between the 20th and the 24th, the Sun, the New Moon, Mars and Mercury will liberate you from any self-doubt that has been holding you back. Your big power-surge day is the 23rd when Mars in Sun Sign conjuncts the Sun and the New Moon. On the 26th the Leo Sun joins forces with Mars giving you an exciting day to remember.


Circle July 8 on your July 2017 Love Horoscope calendar when the Full Moon in Capricorn puts a spotlight on your fifth house of fun, frivolity and lovers. In fact, between the 1st and the 9th, singles could start a new relationship or take a new love affair to a deeper level. On the 2nd, Mars in Cancer will oppose Pluto retrograde in the opposite sign of Capricorn. A platonic relationship could suddenly become more intimate. Pluto is the planet of unexpected events, so single or married, expect the unexpected. Also, remain alert near the 20th when headstrong Mars will move into the fiery sign of Leo. It will remain there until September 2, adding heat to your twelfth house of secrets, subconscious and karma. If you’re involved in a clandestine relationship or even entertaining the idea of something as naughty, others may find out.


The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 8th brings your heart to home. If a serious discussion needs to be had, this could be the day it comes to light. Karmic Saturn, now retrograde in Sagittarius, is at a great angle to Uranus in Aries, adding a little fiery motivation to work it all out. Pluto retrograde, also in your fourth house, means that an argument could get explosive, but the endgame is to iron out the differences—so keep that in mind. If you’re in a relationship that’s rocky, this could be a turning point. On the 18th of July Venus in Gemini will trine Jupiter in your Sun Sign. This is a wonderful day to enjoy the company of someone special, especially a best friend who is also your soulmate. You may decide to plan a vacation or a weekend getaway with your one and only at this time.


Single and attached Scorpios, pay attention to the 4th of July when some real fireworks could happen in your love life. Love-struck Venus will enter fun-loving Gemini on that day, igniting your eighth house of private encounters and personal relationships. Another day to circle on your Love Horoscope calendar is the 8th, the day of the Full Moon in Capricorn, your house of communications. In addition to giving you the gift of flirt and gab, it’s at a perfect angle to Neptune retrograde in Pisces, your fifth house of secret encounters and undercover loving. You appreciate a good secret, so you may find this day delightful. Attached Scorpios can rekindle the excitement in committed relationships and singles will enjoy themselves with or without strings attached. After the 17th, just know that if you’ve been keeping a relationship quiet, your secret may be revealed.


From the beginning of July through the 20th, the Sun in inviting Cancer urges you to take some time off from work. The home-loving Cancer influence will help you keep it social, perhaps doing a little entertaining. Married or single, the 14th looks inviting thanks to a flirtation between Mercury and Jupiter. Jupiter, your ruling planet, has been filling up your calendar with social events. It will continue to do so as it is now officially back in forward motion in your eleventh house of peer groups and friends. This giving and loving planet will hold some special days for you in July, especially on the 17th and 18th when Venus will be at a sexy angle to Jupiter. Be social and invite friends to bring friends because an introduction through a friendship is definitely supported in the stars. Attached Leos, there is plenty going on that will benefit relationships.


Enjoy that big, bright Full Moon in your Sun Sign this month, Capricorn. This puts the spotlight on your appearance and your witty personality, which will work quite well for you if you’re single. Dress for success to match the kind of romantic interests that meet your standards. If you’re in a relationship, you may decide to spruce up your appearance to add a little spice to your relationship. You’ll love the opportunity to try on a new you—perhaps something a bit racier. While your seventh house of committed relationships is still bustling at the beginning of July, attention quickly turns to your eighth house when you’ll be able to drop some career obligations to work on your personal relationships. On the 31st, romantic Venus will enter your seventh house of commitments in the compatible sign of Cancer, but we’ll have more on that next month.


July is full of fifth- and seventh-house action this month, Aquarius. Your fifth house is all about fun, pleasure and the more naughty side of life. Your seventh house is focused on one-on-one relationships, marriages and the partnerships in our lives. From the 4th through the 31st you’ll enjoy Venus in flirtatious Gemini and your fifth house. You’re bound to have plenty of social activity on your calendar, giving you many opportunities to mix it up and mingle if you’re single. Also, between the 20th and 24th, Mercury, Mars, the Sun and the New Moon all meet up in Leo, your seventh house. If you’re single, you could set your sights on someone who has a unique and eccentric flair. Married Aquarians should be wary of making their spouse feel like a third wheel or bringing out their jealous side, if they have one.


The Sun, Mars, and Mercury will touch your fifth house of playmates and pleasure in the month of July. Your July 2017 Love Horoscope indicates that the party may be starting at your house as your fifth house is located in home-loving Cancer. There’s no need to worry, however, that you’ll transform into a couch potato when entertaining is so much fun. That sexy Leo Moon on the 23rd occurs in your house of daily work and reputation. If you’ve had your eye on someone at work and you get the sense that the feeling’s mutual, this could be the start of an epic love affair that has all the frills, thrills and excitement you crave. For you attached Pisceans, why not take that romantic moon and make good use of its energy by treating your love to a special night of celebrating—just because.

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