Why Jupiter Is the Luckiest Planet

Why Jupiter is The Luckiest Planet | California Psychics

It’s a Lucky Time for All

Jupiter is a significant force in your life. Just roll out a map of the solar system to truly appreciate its behemoth footprint among mother earth. Since this past November, the bold planet has begun a 13-month journey across its ruling sign, Sagittarius. It is a long trip, and lucky for you, it won’t be over too quickly. This is a time for increased awareness of love, happiness, spirituality, and your abilities to manifest positive change within your life.

While this fortunate time will mean something different for everyone, it can become a very lucky time if you unleash your adventurous spirit and pay attention. Here are a few reasons why Jupiter is the luckiest planet.

Failed Sun, Accomplished Benefic

Due to its enormous size and composition of mostly hydrogen and helium, some scientists suggest that Jupiter might not be a planet at all, but more like a failed sun (star). Failure can be the outcome of a personality as bold and daring as Jupiter. This is a planet that has hosted a violent ‘red’ storm on its surface for 350 years, baffling scientists with this seemingly endless energy. Jupiter is known to be a force of expansive and magnifying energy. It is this energy that makes it possible to discover true love and spiritual fulfillment. More importantly, when Jupiter is in Sagittarius, its influence over all signs will ensure that any challenge you embrace with an open mind will result in continuous energy flow that will lead to increased discovery, spiritual growth, and yes, good fortune, too.

Big Brother

According to Tom Barclay of NASA, Jupiter is somewhat of a big brother to Earth in that its great size and gravitational pull creates stability within the solar system. Such stability helps to protect our planet from the impact of rogue debris, by basically taking the hits from these bullies that would otherwise end life as we know it. With big brother at your back, you can feel comfortable to take on any challenge that you’ve been putting off. As for whether you succeed or not with these endeavors, Jupiter lives in a state of encouragement and growth. This means that any failure you have is actually a fall forward towards increased awareness of your talents, dreams, and what matters to you.

Hide and Seek

Jupiter has been outside of Sagittarius since 2006. This doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been plenty of chances to catch some luck, but when Sagittarius and Jupiter come together it is a cosmic homecoming. It is a time to become inspired by the change around you because this year you will undoubtedly notice some major transformation. And if you pay attention to this change, it will pave the way to your increased luck. The key to discovering your luck is to seek it wherever Jupiter has it hidden. Jupiter does offer “easy” luck (finding a winning lottery ticket) during certain parts of one’s life (every 12 years or so). But if you are somewhere in the middle of that long wait, you can earn it by watching for an opportunity. Luck can take the form of a hard-earned promotion at work, or a disappointment that leads you to seek a more rewarding career. If you pay attention to these changes and read them diligently, luck will be on your side always, and particularly over these next several months.

Eye on the Charts

Jupiter prefers to reward those who openly accept the challenge and have unabashed fearlessness. But when it’s crossed within your natal planet, such rewards are magnified. These are the cosmic events that have influenced many of the major milestones you have experienced. If you pay attention to the road that Jupiter travels in your charts, it will give you insight as to whether or not drastic change is a form of luck or a warning that you’re relying too much on Jupiter’s generosity. Jupiter’s giving nature can lead to bad luck if you use it to excess.

This next year you are pretty much free to explore the depths of adventure and discovery without much worry of developing stagnate growth, but as soon as Jupiter enters Capricorn, it may be time to buckle in and take stock of what you have to lose. Enjoy lucky Jupiter while it’s at its peak!

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