A Beginner’s Guide To Astrocartography

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What Is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography, also known as locational and relocation astrology, is used by astrologers to map out the geographical locations that support your endeavors — and the ones that sap you of energy and make it more difficult for you to achieve your goals.

At different phases in your life, you may need to draw on different energies to facilitate your success. For example, college students may benefit from attending school in a location that promotes study and focus, while someone who’s ready to find a partner and settle down requires a different kind of energetic vibe. This is where astrocartography can be particularly useful. This art can help you identify the ideal place for you to be at any given time, whether you want to work, find love, or head to your dream vacation spot.

Learn Where You Belong With Astrocartography

Astrocartography is driven, in many ways, by the understanding that no matter where you go, you’ll still be you. And though you’ll always carry the energetic blueprint denoted by your natal chart, astrocartography helps you use your location to amplify or mitigate your different tendencies.

The Ascendant Line

Planets on your AC (Ascendant) line will color your personality and self-expression, influencing how other people view you. For instance, when you reside in a location with the sun on your AC line, you may find that your disposition becomes sunnier and brighter. Being in these places will cause you to radiate warmth and confidence, and your vibe will be upbeat.

With Venus on your AC line, you’ll put your best face forward. Fashion and beauty may play a significant role in your life. In contrast, with Saturn on the AC line, you’ll be disciplined, responsible, and hardworking, although you could feel burdened by your obligations.

Meanwhile, having Mars on your AC line is the mark of a go-getter. Your confidence and high energy are what people will notice when you enter the room.

The IC Line

Planets on the IC (Imum Coeli, Latin for lowest point) line will influence your home and family life. With Jupiter here, you’ll live large! It could denote residing in a prestigious neighborhood or a large and lavish home. In this location, many blessings could come your way. Unless you’re an athlete in training though, you would do well to avoid areas on your Mars/IC line. This is apt to be a highly energized and active spot that is conflict-prone and not very restful. Finding the right living space can be effortless when searching in an area on your moon/IC line. This is a place where you feel at home and emotionally attuned to your surroundings. It’s an excellent spot for raising a family. Your Neptune/IC line is the place where you want to go for a spiritual retreat. It’s where you can fully escape the cares of the world; however, most people won’t want to put down roots here because its ascetic vibe does not bode well for acquiring money or possessions. Locations on your sun/IC line are perfect for retirement and vacation because you can relax and be content in your surroundings without feeling the pressure of chasing success. If you want a laid-back lifestyle, but still need to make a living, it’s great for buying and selling real estate.

The Descendant Line

Planets on the DC (Descendant) line will impact your closest one-on-one interactions, particularly committed relationships such as marriage and business partnerships. Love may come effortlessly when you reside on your Venus/DC line. It’s where you’re most likely to attract a loving partner who brings joy into your life. For business partnerships, this can denote a favorable arrangement as well as financial success. If you want to settle down, avoid locations on your Uranus/DC line. Under this influence, you could attract unstable partners who suddenly disappear. Or you could be drawn to individuals who are eccentric and intriguing, but also super independent and hard to pin down. A relationship is likely to provide profound, emotional fulfillment in a moon/DC locale, though due to the changeable nature of the moon, it can wax and wane. Mercury/DC locations promise intellectual compatibility and good communication with your partner, as well as positive relationships with siblings, relatives, and neighbors.

The MC Line

Planets on your MC line (Medium Coeli, Latin for highest point) influence your career, reputation, and status. It represents your public image and the face you want to project to the world. On the sun/MC line, you can attract fame in almost any field because it puts you in the spotlight. In a place on your Mercury/MC line, intelligence, and good communication are emphasized. It’s an excellent location for writers, speakers, and those employed in the media. In places with Pluto on your MC line, you’ll be relentless in the pursuit of power and control, particularly in your profession. Because you’re viewed as a threat, you could attract formidable opponents. It’s supportive for those in the military or law enforcement, although it’s not a place for the faint of heart.

Where Do You Belong?

Drawing up an astrocartography map on your own is not difficult. All you need is your date of birth, birthplace, exact time of birth, and an astrology website. For a more in-depth analysis, a reading with a California Psychics Astrologer can help you identify the locations that are aligned with your desires, and help you avoid spots that can make it more challenging to live the life you desire.

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