Your LOVECAST®: Releasing a Limiting Belief

Limiting Belief

Your Love Horoscope

Mars transiting into sensitive Cancer on Wednesday (through August 7) may bring out your nurturing or nesting instinct. Also, a liberating Jupiter-Uranus influence during the next two weeks will help release you from a limiting belief you have about yourself or an aspect of your life. It’s time to expand your vision of what you’re capable of becoming, achieving and sharing with the world. Best days for socializing: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here is your love horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

Your Mars ruler moving into Cancer will focus your energy on homey activities. Family activities can be both energizing and irritating. Working with your partner to improve your living space will bring satisfaction. If you’re solo, you may meet someone interesting from your neighborhood or through a family member. Sunday evening is a great time for a date!

Taurus Love Horoscope

Mars traveling through Cancer will energize your brainpower. You’ll be irresistible to those who admire how you (passionately!) express your knowledge, insights or humor. Just be mindful of argumentativeness with people who disagree with you. Romance can be found during a class or online, especially on Monday. Sharing your home with the people you love will bring delight on Sunday.

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Gemini Love Horoscope

You’ll be drawn to people who are sensual or grounded as Mars in Cancer energizes your financial sector. Your way with words will draw admirers on Sunday, an excellent time for a rendezvous. Also, it’s time to use your brainpower to open a financial door. You’ll just need to be proactive in seeking opportunities. Visualizing yourself as prosperous will awaken your earning power.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Mars jaunting through your sign will intensify your desires, along with your impatience in getting what you want. You’ll be unusually assertive in the romance arena and will attract admirers who like a straightforward approach. A romantic interlude will likely lead to a sexy romp with your sweetie on Friday or Saturday! It’s a good time to meet someone new too.

Leo Love Horoscope

Mars transiting through Cancer will energize your inner life. You may become aware of a suppressed desire, resentment or anger so you can deal with it. You’ll also be thinking of your past, especially your relationships. It’s important to be gentle with yourself over your mistakes and regrets. On a lighter note, love will flow on Sunday night!

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Virgo Love Horoscope

Socializing will kick into high gear during Mars in Cancer. Your friends will energize and uplift you. A confrontation with a friend that clears the air may take place as well. In the romance arena, you’ll attract people who bring out your altruistic side. Look for romance during a social gathering or group project. Monday is an excellent time for a tryst!

Libra Love Horoscope

Mars in Cancer energizing your career sector will prompt you to seek professional opportunities—or at least get clear about your goals. Romance may come through a colleague or work-related activity. You’ll likely attract people who share your goals and admire your talents. Just strive to be objective if you’re drawn into an conflict with someone in authority.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Seeing the bigger picture of your love life (and other areas) can be the gift of Mars in Cancer. You’ll see farther ahead, which will help you take an active role in pursuing your hopes and dreams. As for romance, passion will sizzle between Friday and Sunday morning, excellent times for a tryst with your sweetie or to meet someone hot!

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Intimacy can heat up during Mars in Cancer. You’ll be craving a connection that touches you deeply, at all levels, which may happen on Sunday night. Oddly enough, this influence also encourages some time alone to recharge your inner resources and heal emotional hurts that you’ve denied or suppressed. Emotions can get intense now, even for fun-loving archers like you!

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Capricorn Love Horoscope

Mars transiting through your partnership sector will fire up interactions with your significant other or someone else close to you. This energy can both motivate and irritate you depending on the state of your relationship. Perhaps it’s time to clear the air if anger has been building up for some time. Even stoic Capricorns need to erupt, occasionally. Making up will be the fun part!

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Mars in Cancer will motivate you to pursue work opportunities and improve your diet and fitness regimen. You may be attracted to someone who shares your expertise. If you’re paired, focusing on completing tasks will clear the way for fun. Even working on a project together will bring a sense of satisfaction. Wednesday is a good time for romance!

Pisces Love Horoscope

You’ll be a magnet for potential lovers during Mars in Cancer. People will be drawn to your creativity, joy and playfulness. Look for romance during friendly gatherings and entertainment events. If you’re paired, now is the time to fire up the passion in your relationship. An exotic activity will inspire romance on Friday or Saturday!

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