Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Eclipses often act like catalysts in one or two areas of your life. This lunar eclipse on August 28 in Pisces on a Full Moon will heighten your emotions. Since mystical Neptune rules Pisces, your psychic abilities and spiritual interests will be at their peak. Neptune also rules creativity whether in music, art or writing so this eclipse will be a fertile time for projects you’ve longed to bring to light.

However, if you’ve hidden your creative gifts or spiritual nature, your true self will begin to emerge. This can be unsettling, especially if you’ve tried to keep all this expressiveness under control. Yet in the end, it will lead you to living more fully.

This Pisces moon rises during the season of earthy, no-nonsense Virgo. This means that your creativity must be directed and channeled. Pisces energy can sometimes dissipate itself by over-commitment to too many projects. Fortunately, Virgo will help you focus, to commit and to begin to bring those heaven-inspired dreams down to earth.

Every Full Moon in the monthly cycle is a time for culmination. It always indicates a shift in matters at hand, and this eclipse in particular marks a transition into an exciting new chapter. Here is how the eclipse will affect each sign:

You may have been rushing headlong through your summer, but now you are inspired to slow down and envision your true purpose.

If you’ve allowed yourself to be drained, the eclipse brings this to a stop. While you may be reluctant to put on the brakes, it will feel great once it’s done.

This summer’s eclipse grants you the ability to see your life’s path afresh and to plot a course to your desires.

You will challenge your ideas about soul, spirit, and faith due to the profound effects of the eclipse. Seek your own truth and your faith will be deepened and renewed.

Believing yourself to be quite superior, you can be unrealistic. This full moon eclipse will force you to face up to reality and to act upon it.

The eclipse in your birth month may be draining for you. Retreat to restore your energies and you’ll reap the benefits by month’s end.

Your career will be the area of your life most affected by the eclipse. Change is inevitable, let it lead you to where you want to be.

You’ll be blessed with new intuitions and insights into your life; the challenge is to act on this knowledge before the month’s end.

Playful, flirtatious Sag, it’s time to take a breather. Let Pisces’ influence deepen your dreams and then mix the vision into your life.

The eclipse heralds a new phase – you will be set free from a feeling of bondage and restriction. Notice how Pisces will influence your dreams and integrate new inspiration.

Your life will see changes in both romance and career. Don’t duck and hope they will go away. Make decisions and move forward into happiness.

The eclipse in your sign will influence you strongly, pay heed to your dreams, your intuitions and your impulses. Let go of an old pattern and step into a new strength.

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