Mars Retrograde Begins

Your plans to start a new project or relationship will likely come to a screeching halt during retrograde Mars. How annoying! From December 20 – March 10, 2010, as Mars backtracks through Leo, outer energy turns inward, making it a poor time for initiating new activities or relationships.

Mars turns retrograde every two years. It’s the planet of energy, action and aggression, as well as all things mechanical (making it an inopportune time to buy anything motorized). On the plus side, the retrograde motion can help you reinforce and revitalize certain aspects of your life. Which part of your life will be affected depends on which house in your chart is ruled by Leo, particularly at 1-19 degrees (an astrologer can tell you for sure). Mars will revitalize and strengthen the elements in your life connected to that particular house. So read the pertinent information below to see how you can take advantage of this empowering influence.

Transiting Mars in the 1st House: Your self-image needs a jumpstart. Do you appear overly reserved, intellectual, emotional or forceful? Do you put on a personality “mask” that hides who you truly are? It’s time to revitalize your sense of self through activities and interests that not only reinforce your confidence, but empower your authenticity in how you project yourself outwardly.

Transiting Mars in the 2nd House: It’s time to strengthen your finances through an assessment of your earning power and spending habits. Do you feel powerful where money is concerned, or are you angry over elements beyond your control, like your boss, the economy or unexpected expenses? Think of some new moneymaking avenues that you can put your energy into after Mars turns direct.

Transiting Mars in the 3rd House: Your brainpower and communication style will be strengthened during retrograde Mars. This is an excellent time to catch up on your reading or take a class on a subject you’ve studied in the past. The focus is also on how you express anger verbally, so as irritations arise, see them as opportunities to express your feelings constructively.

Transiting Mars in the 4th House: Strengthening your home environment and family ties will be the focus of retrograde Mars. It’s time to make some home repairs you’ve been putting off. Rearranging the decor so the energy flows smoothly will improve the feng shui of your home. An irritating situation with a family member may be reawakened so you can resolve the problem.

Transiting Mars in the 5th House: You may enter a dry spell romantically during retrograde Mars, when new relationships often fizzle out. Spend this time reassessing the types of people you’re attracted to. How you assert your needs and express your anger with a lover or child will be the focus as well. Also, a past creative project may be suddenly revitalized so you can complete it.

Transiting Mars in the 6th House: Retrograde Mars is all about strengthening your health and work routines. Improving your eating habits and exercise regimen will bring increased energy after Mars turns direct. It’s also time to reassess and improve your work skills and habits. A stressful situation with a co-worker or employee may arise, which will test how you deal with anger.

Transiting Mars in the 7th House: Your partnership will be revitalized by retrograde Mars. But first you’ll have to deal with a past issue (or two) that pushes your buttons. Instead of arguing, strive to understand each other. If you’re solo, you may feel angry about being unattached. Use the heightened emotional energy to get clear about what you really want in a relationship.

Transiting Mars in the 8th House: Reawakening the intimacy in your relationship can be the blessing of retrograde Mars. Whether you’re paired or solo, taking some time for introspection to heal old emotional wounds, let go of resentments and forgive those who have hurt you will revitalize you emotionally and sexually. It’s also time to strengthen your finances by paying off or consolidating debt.

Transiting Mars in the 9th House:
Retrograde Mars is all about strengthening your wisdom, education and spiritual life. It’s time to get in touch with your Higher Self through activities that inspire your personal growth, such as meditation, dream analysis and envisioning your aspirations. A trip, class or spiritual activity that aligns your intellect with your inner life will help you perceive your soul’s purpose.

Transiting Mars in the 10th House: Reassessing your career to shore up your weaknesses and energize your talents is the focus of retrograde Mars. This is not the time to initiate a completely new project, but to reinforce current projects that accelerate your goals. Networking with colleagues with whom you’ve worked in the past can provide opportunities, especially after Mars turns direct.

Transiting Mars in the 11th House: Your social life may feel constricted during retrograde Mars. Now is not the time to meet new people, but instead, connect with friends who are in tune with you and supportive of your aspirations. Taking new steps to realize your dreams may be difficult, but evaluating what you really want and how you’ll get there will put you on a stronger path.

Transiting Mars in the 12th House: You may feel like you’re back-peddling into the past as issues that have kept you from moving forward arise to be resolved. A review of your personal history will help your innerself clarify. Any anger you’ve been suppressing will come roaring to the surface, so keep in touch with your feelings so you can deal with stuff as it comes up.

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