What Does it Mean When You’re Born on a Certain Day of the Week?

What Does it Mean When You're Born on a Certain Day of the Week? | California Psychics

A Deep Dive into Your Personal Astrology

You’re probably familiar with astrology and birth charts, which take account of your date of birth, place of birth, and your birth time. Looking at your birth chart for the first time reveals a lot about your personality. If you are an astrology aficionado, you likely know your sun, moon, rising, and Venus placements. If you haven’t experienced the joys of the birth chart, you can join our Karma Rewards program and receive your birth chart for free!

Your birth chart is not the only thing that can reveal hidden aspects of your personality though. The day of the week on which you were born also has a few things to say about you and your destiny. How exactly? Numerology, an ancient study of numbers that associates symbolic mysticism with dates, can be used to combine your date of birth and the day of the week you were born to explain your life path.

The Astrology of the Week

Interestingly enough, the astrology and numerology that determines the personality of people born on certain days of the week are both related to the planets and the stars. For example, while astrology associates the placement of celestial bodies with the time and place you were born, each day of the week is named after a planet or other large celestial body in the sky. For example, Sunday is named after the sun, Monday is named after the moon, Tuesday is named after Mars, Wednesday is named after Mercury, Thursday is named after Jupiter, Friday is named after Venus, and Saturday is named after Saturn. A combination of astrology and numerology then, can determine what traits you possess based on what day you were born. What does the day of the week you were born on have to say about you?


Being associated with the sun, it should come as no surprise that those born on this day are bright, bold, creative leaders of the pack. In fact, the sun card in most Tarot decks is associated with the astrological sign of Leo, who is a lover of attention, praise, and a roaring good time.


Much like astrological Cancers, those born on Mondays exude the lunar warmth of motherly nurturance, care, concern for others, and an undeniable grace. Those born on Mondays are likely sensitive, close to their family, and have kind hearts. Ruled by the moon, Monday babies are beautiful in a delicate, just-want-to-wrap-them-up-in-your-arms kind of way.


Those born on Tuesday possess the fiery passion and confident spirit of Aries, the astrological sign associated with the planet Mars. These individuals are filled with energy, can be impatient, love excitement, variety, and are constantly moving. They tend to be high achievers as well.


Like Gemini, the astrological sign ruled by Mercury, people born on Wednesdays are lively, curious souls with a penchant for long-winded conversations. Those born on Wednesday need stimulating discussions and a way to keep their active minds occupied. This may mean that they need to surround themselves with ideas and activities that they can jump back and forth from quickly to keep their minds moving at their desired speed.


Ruled by Jupiter, those born on Thursdays share many of the traits associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius. That is to say, those born on Thursday are likely to be fun-loving, exciting to be around, optimistic, and likeable individuals. Like Sunday and Tuesday babies, those born on Thursday are fiery, passionate, and bold.


Just as the astrological signs of Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, so are those born on Friday. Those born on Friday are social butterflies that adore love, romance, and everything beautiful. Indeed, those born on a Friday are gorgeous creatures! Friday babies are also likely to value material wealth, accolades, and elegant surroundings a great deal. They are a classy bunch!


Saturn-ruled Saturday children are, like the astrological sign of Capricorn, studious, hard-working, and temperate. They are likely to be the delegators of tasks when an activity is being carried out because they have a careful eye and prefer to be in the driver’s seat. Those born on Saturday may be prone to amassing wealth, but they are frugal and careful with their spending, but you would never know by looking at them because of their wise, practical, and strict natures.

A Deeper Astrological Look

If you’ve ever looked at the traits of your astrological chart and wondered why parts of your personality veer so far off from your sun sign, you may finally understand why. The planet and sign that rules the day you were born may have just as much influence over you as your sun, moon, or rising sign does.

What Does it Mean When You're Born on a Certain Day of the Week? infographic | California Psychics


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    I’m a cancer that is born on Friday..I quite like what day I’m born cuz I personally think it’s beautiful and because that day is quite important in my religion..✨

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    I’d really like to find out about my birth sign. Sometimes I am gemini and I can also be cancer. I was born on a cusp according to other horoscopes.


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