Mercury: The Great Communicator

Mercury is a fascinating planet in the astrological realm. It is the smallest planet in our solar system, but size means nothing when it comes to planetary influence. Known as “The Messenger of the Gods,” Mercury is all about communication. It has great influence over intellect and reason, learning abilities and handicaps, logic and creativity, as well as perception and memory.

This little planet, which makes its revolution around the sun in a brief 88 earth days, is also associated with speed and agility. From our thoughts to manifestation, Mercury shows its impact.

A well-known Mercury phenomenon, which most of us tend to dread, happens when Mercury goes retrograde. During Mercury retrograde it appears as if the planet is actually moving backwards when viewed from earth. Even though this is just an optical illusion, (Mercury is still moving forward) the effects we feel are very real. Things break, get lost, communication becomes more difficult – it can be a pretty challenging time.

Mercury’s day is Wednesday, and it rules both Gemini and Virgo. This is the planet that governs the learning years or the second age of man (the years from ages 5 to 14). Not surprisingly, Mercury governs our voice as well as the nervous system, respiratory tract, and lungs.

Just as the sun rises in the morning and sets each night, Mercury is a powerful presence in our daily lives. It is an important influence that is felt as well as heard.

See what it means to have your Mercury in one of the 12 astrological signs.

Mercury in Aries
You have a very quick wit and equally sharp tongue and can use sarcasm like a tool. Snap decisions and judgements come easily and fortunately, your intuition is usually right. Your impatience tends to make you speak before you think, so it is a blessing that you are fond of writing.

Mercury in Taurus
You have a methodical mind that is grounded in sound logic and practicality. You have an excellent memory and are an astute observer but you’re not necessarily the best listener. You are firm in your decisions and likely to repeat yourself, even if you must use different terms. You are careful, considerate and usually have refined manners.

Mercury in Gemini
Your mind works at a blurry pace, and you have ability and a need to know something about everything – and everyone – even if the knowledge is only superficial. Highly intellectual and versatile, you have a way with words, languages, and mathematics. Your great sense of humor brings you many friends, with whom you love to debate.

Mercury in Cancer
You are sensitive to what others think about you, and have a very impressionable mind. You reach your decisions based on intuition and feeling rather than fact. You tend to keep your opinions to yourself, and can be plagued by irrational fears. You are highly imaginative, sentimental and usually have enhanced psychic ability.

Mercury in Leo
You are dynamically expressive, dramatic, creative and a big fan of your own ideas. Your opinions may be hard to influence, and you have a bit of a hot temper. You are superbly organized, kind, and outgoing. Very good with people, you can be a constant source of amusement. People tend to follow where you lead.

Mercury in Virgo
You are very detail-oriented, coldly analytical, a quick learner, and have an excellent memory to the point of photographic. You love trivia and theory, and have little room for human failings. You are conservative and creative with a tendency to take on more projects than you should. You can be nervous and hypocritical.

Mercury in Libra
Your mind is very rational and reflective. You are very easy to talk to, because you are open to other people’s ideas, and you truly know how to listen. You are considerate, helpful and courteous – a diplomatic mediator who likes to avoid controversy. Always searching for the “perfect” judgment, you compare everything and are notorious for listing pros and cons.

Mercury in Scorpio
You have a knack for unearthing secrets and getting answers. You subtly question everything and take great pride in your ability not to be fooled. There is only one point of view: yours. Any contrary proof is just varied opinion in your mind. Your temperament can be volatile, so it is good that you gravitate toward solitary work.

Mercury in Sagittarius
You are very bright and tend to get straight to the point; sometimes rather bluntly. You aren’t always the most practical person, and will exaggerate something until it becomes a matter of principal. Your mind is restless, farsighted and you love to learn and explore. You may have problems finishing what you start if the task loses your attention.

Mercury in Capricorn
You are able to grasp a concept quickly and put it to work. You can be very calculating and usually have an objective or secret goal motivating you. You are unmoved by emotion and have little imagination, but you can see the bigger picture and apply cold reasoning to it. You are dependable, serious and have an air of authority about you. Your tendency to see the darker side of things is somewhat softened by a dry sense of humor.

Mercury in Aquarius
You think in a very democratic manner that comes off a bit impersonal. Your mind is inquisitive, accurate, and filled with original and inventive thought. Technology fascinates you, and you love to analyze human character and motivation. Your intellect and love of shocking people may make you seem somewhat eccentric.

Mercury in Pisces
You are intuitive, kind and think compassionately. You tend to believe that everyone has their own truths. You have a prominent psychic or artistic nature, but tend to lack self-confidence. You are drawn to psychology and the classical arts. You are the absent-minded professor.

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