Your Money Horoscope: July 2017

Balanced Energies. Balanced Finances.

Some of the hottest days to circle on your mid-summer Money Horoscope calendar are the 14th and the 18th. On the 14th, financially-minded Mercury in Leo will be at an angle to expansive Jupiter which brings a fortuitous vibe. If shopping, you may find big-ticket items at rock-bottom prices. On the 18th Venus in Gemini forms a lovely angle to lucky Jupiter, making this an equally fortunate day. Both of these days are also your best days for signing financial agreements in July.

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Between the 20th and the 24th, the Sun, Mercury, Mars and the New Moon fill the cosmos with Leo energy. Take special note of the 23rd, a powerful day that can also bring unexpected events. On this day, Mars in Leo will conjunct the Sun and the New Moon—potent energy that lasts for days. You’ll feel empowered to tackle a problem which is good because Uranus will be at an unfriendly angle to the New Moon. This will possibly present you with a challenge that ultimately could relate to your finances. How you balance these energies could be a gauge of your current financial situation. Therefore, it would be wise to make intelligent choices.

Let astrology be your GPS! It will help you avoid obstacles on the road ahead and assist you in finding the best path towards financial awareness and control. Read your Sun sign’s Money Horoscope for July to see where the planets may benefit your financial picture.


The Capricorn Full Moon on the 8th spotlights your house of career and accomplishments. Neptune retrograde in your 12th house will bring your hidden talents out, and you’ll get the credit you deserve. A Mars-Pluto opposition that began on the 2nd will still be evident, so you’ll feel torn between work and home. Somehow you’ll make it work for everyone. The end of July gets even better with exciting days between the 24th and 26th. First, Mercury in Leo trines Uranus who is on a long-stay in your sign. You have some amazing money-making ideas to share. In fact, you’re on a roll when money-minded Mercury runs into hard-working Virgo on the 25th. You’ll have energy to burn. Also, the 26th is a wonderful day for all fire signs when the Sun conjuncts your ruling planet, Mars, in your fellow fire sign, Leo. July is a busy and productive month.


Jupiter in your sixth house of daily work and reputation has been fortunate for you. You’re getting the pay you deserve. Now, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labors, Taurus. Since Taureans typically land on their hooves when it comes to financial security, you can feel free to splurge a little on some home-related items you’ve been hoping to upgrade. Upgrading your home entertainment system may be one upgrade you’ve wanted to make, and this would be a good time to consider and decide. With your ruling planet Venus in your cash-on-hand sector, you’ll be in the mood to spend. And as planets migrate from fellow home-loving Cancer into your house representing home, also known as Leo, chances are that’s all the urging you’ll need. Mercury in your third house of communication will help you negotiate the best deal for the best home improvements.


Mars is currently residing in your second house through the 20th. Mars is headstrong and not well-known for his reasoning skills. If you make any impulsive spending decisions, it’s because you have Mars watching your wallet. Use your intellectual mind to be the voice of reason over impetuous behavior. The bright Full Moon in Capricorn will light up your eighth house of shared finances on July 8. The following day, a Sun-Pluto opposition forms between your second house of cash and your eighth house of commingled money. July brings an unexpected expense or you may be at odds with your partner about money. Either way, handling a minor crisis with facts, figures and a willing attitude will help you find your way. Towards the month’s end you’ll find things calm a bit and perhaps you’ll even feel as if you worried for no reason. Forewarned is forearmed.


Your ability to attract money in July is strong beginning on the 5th with Mercury followed by Mars, the Sun and the New Moon heating up your second house of cash. This will also increase your impulse to spend. Leo often suggests a buy-now-and-make-it-up-later attitude. However with Venus in your 12th house until the 31st, you may be secretive about what you have in mind for your money. It’s personal. July can also be a great month to get your finances in proper order if you’ve got bills. Therefore, take advantage of these positive transits. Look to the 20th when Mars enters Leo combined with the energy of a Sun-Uranus square and the 23rd when Uranus forms a hard angle to the New Moon, Sun and Mars—all focusing on your money and career. This is your month to meet challenges and overcome obstacles in a big way.


Mercury will enter your Sun sign on the 5th followed by Mars on the 20th, the Sun on the 22nd and the New Moon on the 23rd. An especially lucky and power-packed day will be the 26th when Mars and the Sun join forces in your Sun sign. Mars will be adding extra fire to your go-getter attitude between now and September. However, this is not a month to throw caution to the wind. For example, July 17 when Venus, in your house of unexpected events, squares with Neptune retrograde in your house of shared finances. Distraction is possible, so stay alert. A fast-talker may try to talk you out of your money or you could lose your wallet. Also, stay alert on the 24th, when Venus opposes karmic Saturn retrograde in your house of taking risks.


All of July is pretty much business as usual while you still enjoy fortunate Jupiter in your Sun sign. With Venus in Gemini and your tenth house of career throughout July, you’re pretty focused on work and making money the old-fashioned way. The only caveat to your Money Horoscope for July is the pileup of planets in your house of secrets after mid-month. Mars, who is quick to act without checking facts, lands in Leo and your twelfth house on the 20th for an extended stay. If you have any money-related secrets, you run the risk of being exposed. There’s not too much you can do other than be completely honest. In other words, if you’re doing something you shouldn’t, then don’t keep doing it. A partnership could be hurt in the process. The good news is, if you have no secrets, July will be a pretty positive month.


As the scales of justice, you spend much of your time trying to find the balance in life. Lately that may be the balance between home and work. Jupiter in your Sun sign has done wonders for your career and you can enjoy this favor until October when it moves into your second house of money. This furthers your life-of-comfort aspirations. If you happen to be between jobs, July is a favorable time to seek a job doing what you love. Circle July 17 and 18 on your Money Horoscope calendar. First, Venus in Gemini squares Neptune retrograde in your career house. You can impresses all the right people at work. The next day, Gemini will trine fortunate Jupiter in your Sun sign, making sure you get the credit you deserve. Your powers of negotiation will shine on the 18th. Personally and professionally it’s a day for achieving goals.


Your career will be the focus of your Money Horoscope for July. Between the 20th and the 23rd, Mercury, the Sun and a New Moon will join forces with Mars. This is your time to shine as long as you’ve been doing a good job. A great day for you is the 18th because money-minded Venus in your house of shared money forms a wonderful angle to equally giving Jupiter. It’s a great day to get in on an investment you may have heard of. An equally fortunate trine between Mercury in your house of self-improvement and wise Saturn retrograde in your house of cash money comes on the 19th. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also circle the 20th through the 23rd when all of the previously mentioned planetary assistance enters your career house. If you’re due for a raise, remind the powers that be.


You never tire of things to do, places to go and people to see, and July will see to it that you’re not bored. Of course, all of this socializing will take its toll on your finances if you’re not careful. It also won’t leave you much time for sleep. The Capricorn Full Moon on the 8th will spotlight your second house of cash. Since Neptune retrograde is at a great angle to this Full Moon, your mind will be popping with creative ideas and solutions. Some could turn into money-makers, so be sure to write everything down before you forget them as they come fast and hard. On that same day, Saturn retrograde in your sign will spark revolutionary Uranus in Aries. Therefore, you may come up with some ideas that are life changing for you and possibly others. At the very least you’ll have a busy month ahead.


You’ll be hosting the Full Moon on the 8th and though this day may have mixed results for others, it puts the spotlight on you and your career. A Mars-Pluto retrograde opposition on the 2nd and a Sun-Pluto retrograde opposition on the 9th (touching your first and seventh houses) could indicate a business partnership or agreement may be ending. Therefore, you should polish your resume if you’re looking to change jobs. It doesn’t look like you’ll have to do much more than show up; you’ve got lucky Jupiter in your career house. However, you should take some time to relax before starting your next financial/career journey—preferably around the 20th when all that Leo energy in your house of personal relationships urges you to take a break and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Astrology helps you avoid obstacles, so if you can take a few days away from work between the first and second week of July, you should. Otherwise Mars and the Sun will see to it that you have plenty to do and a few fires to put out. This could be a work-related matter or a financial matter you’re ill-equipped to deal with. Much of your chart for July touches on surfacing emotions, and this is not a place where you’re entirely comfortable. However, on July 18, Venus in fellow air sign Gemini forms a fantastic angle to fortunate Jupiter in your house of legal matters and with Mars in your eighth house of other people’s money beginning on the 20th. It seems that you’ll have some luck in negotiating bills and contracts, so go ahead and sign that agreement, but only after you’ve reviewed it end to end.


Over the past few years, revolutionary Uranus in your second house of cash-on-hand has taught you a tough lesson in how to balance your funds, especially if you are self-employed. The ability to save when you’re cash heavy has saved you when cash wasn’t coming in so readily. Luckily, July brings a very cash positive vibe to your house of daily work and reputation first with Mercury moving into Leo on the 5th, followed by Mars, the Sun and the New Moon on the 20th, 22nd and 23rd, respectively. Uranus will go retrograde in August, so make the most of July and the demand on your time and services. You’ll especially love July 26 when the powerful July Sun conjuncts intense Mars in your sixth house. You may be able to create some serious job stability at that time that will keep you going through any planetary bumps ahead.

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