Numerology: Calculate Your Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility by the Numbers

Numerology, like astrology, is as “layered” as the complex human beings it describes. Your Sun Sign tells one part of the story of the people you are compatible with. The same is true of your Birth Number.

Numerology has some basic ideas about personality compatibility based on our most important numbers too. We’ll review these personality and life path matches here and we’ll also share what can work in your relationships. What you need to know is your and your lover’s birth date and your full names as they read on your birth certificates. From that point we can distill the energies hidden in your numerology.

You can calculate your Birth Number by adding together the numbers of the date of your birth. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number between 1 – 9. Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = 6. This person’s Birth Number is 6.

The Destiny and Heart’s Desire Numbers both use the full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate, applying a numeric assignment to each letter and adding the same way. The Destiny Number uses each letter of the full name. The Heart’s Desire Number uses only the vowels of the full name. Your Hidden Passion number is simply the number (or numbers) that most often appear in your birth name.

Letters to numbers are this simple:


A connection between any of these key personal numbers describes a special affinity. Below are some of the compatible numbers with each 1 – 9 key number in your life:

Love Compatibility Number 1

With your adventurous nature, you are naturally drawn to the creative, quick-moving 3 or the expressive, energetic 5. You could enjoy the elusive 7 with mutual freedom or have a comfortable life with an accommodating 6. If you share the same goals, you’ll be a dynamic pair with the driven 8.

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Love Compatibility Number 2

Your gentle qualities and sensitive nature are balanced well by the ambitious, steady 8. Also, the loving, easy-going 9 appreciates your supportive style. 2s will often seek a more dynamic number for balance in the relationship such as a 1 or 8. As long as you share a certain amount of ambition, 6 can work with you too.

Love Compatibility Number 3 

Beauty and fun-loving 3s have a great time with dynamic 5s as long as there is someone tending to basic needs. The 7’s amazing intellect can keep you intrigued and inspired. The dynamic 1 is also a positive influence as long as you share the same desires. You also have an affinity with 6s.

Love Compatibility Number 4

You are so wonderful at establishing the foundation of a home or career that the dynamic 1’s energy can drive you both towards amazing goals. You are naturally harmonious and balance the ambitious 8. Life can be pleasant with a 2 as long as you also share the energy to succeed.

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Love Compatibility Number 5

The dynamo that you are, there is a natural draw to the endless energy of the 1 and the joyous celebration of the 3. If you are totally focused on a creative career, the brilliant 7 may be your inspiration for success. You will party and enjoy the delights of the world with a 3, but someone must tend to the basic functions of life.

Love Compatibility Number 6

Since it’s your nature to be accommodating, you can adapt to anyone. They are lucky to have your support. The question is, what is best for you? For a comfortable life with each of you being gentle with the other, the 2 is great. You also have fun with, but may grow weary of the 3. The 9 appreciates your abilities and shares your ideals for a fulfilling partnership.

Love Compatibility Number 7

With your wonderful ability to feel complete within yourself and whatever you are inspired by, you are the least needy of the number types. Then again, everyone loves partnerships. While you and 9 are both intellectual, you need to be on the same page or you may not notice each other. 3s bring joy to your relentless pursuit of something higher and 5s can take your creations to the world.

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Love Compatibility Number 8

You are so filled with a sense of purpose that probably your best partner is the devoted and loving 2 or the efficient 6 who will be your eternal fan and supportive. The 4 is a great organizer for your life and the 1 has your energy, as long as you agree on a life plan.

Love Compatibility Number 9

While you are doing everything on a grand scale, you devotedly care about others. Your compatible partners are the loving and committed 2 and the caring 6 who tends to work on a more personal level. You can have fun with a 3 or 5, but you need to find one who also carries the passion that you have for the well-being of others.

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  1. zohreh

    I love a man who got married and he tolled me that he loves me too. but now he left me.I want to know what happen in future and what must I do?

  2. Lonnie Sanders

    Hello I think my # is 7 12-13-1962 her is 12-23-1969 I think she’s a 5 I’m madly in love with her is she the one?????? People with our sgins romance and sex is hot but, this girl can’t make up her mind on things and life,whats should I do please help. Mr.Lonnie Sanders


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