Numerology: Your Birthday Number

How to Find It, What It Means, and What Can You Do With It

Basic numerology opens the door to feeling natural rhythms, hearing the music of the spheres and seeing the amazing story of our evolving lives. You can use your birth number as a day-to-day application of a basic, simple tool that is part of that special “universal place of energy and knowing” that our psychics have trained themselves to draw upon to serve you when you call.

Finding your birth number is simply taking all the numbers of the date of your birth and adding them together. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number of 1-9. Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = 6. Now try it using your own birthday!

The fun part is then to apply this formula to dates to see which days resonate with your birth number, and to the physical addresses of prominent places in your life like your home and business. Special people in your life will often have the same birth, destiny or heart’s desire numbers as your birth number. You’ll be amazed at how you seem to find your way to your birth number in relationship with location and other people, since you will naturally express your inherent energy in these places and with these people.

In a more profound way, you begin to learn about the special talents and personal qualities that you had at birth, growing through your early home life. Your destiny and heart’s desire numbers are determined fundamentally by your name as it reads on your birth certificate. Life-period influences appear in your professional and marriage names. This basic numerology is the perfect introduction to the world of more advance numerology, Kabbalah, Tarot cards and astrology, as all are related to the foundation of number, space, time and the individual’s and collective’s spiritual paths.

Here is a brief summary of the life path established by your birth number:

#1 Birth: The Innocent Warrior for Good. You are born to fearlessly pursue what is “needed and wanted” by humanity. You have the amazing energy and enthusiasm of a child approaching each day as something new and exciting. You grow and become aware of your inner wisdom, bringing courage in approaching anything new.

#2 Birth: The Perfect Partner. You are born a diplomat who mirrors others to the point that they see themselves in you. You bring the beautiful awareness of the “other” making the two of you a new and powerful “one.” You see the completed circle of life through relating. Recognizing that partnerships require full communication, you naturally know that the complete expression of love doesn’t require a 50/50 effort. It requires 100% commitment on each person’s part.

#3 Birth: The Master Expression of Harmony. Your talent is functioning in accord with nature—meaning not only our gorgeous planet but the universal perfection of the rhythms of the stars and space. You grow by fulfilling the expression of this magical realm. You appear to have a life full of synchronicity—seemingly magical timing—but it is just your attunement to all life.

#4 Birth: The Great Architect on Earth. Your talent is in knowing how to build things on the physical level. Your hands-on approach to spirituality is quite effective. You give birth to what we call “reality.” You are born to be the source of the structure for all worldly things to happen financially, politically and socially.

“Whether you want a job, a house, a friend, a mate, lead with your strengths.” – Reed ext. 5105

#5 Birth: The Great Performer Teaching Others From the Stage. You have mastered the art of integrating information and talents into something brilliant that can dazzle the world. You attract people through your clarity of self-expression. They can see themselves in what you project.

#6 Birth: The Gift of Love and Service. You have mastered releasing your ego to the point that you take joy in supporting others in your role in life, and through this, you really shine. While you naturally serve others, accepting their gratitude in return takes experience. Let in how special your contributions are and true joy follows.

#7 Birth: The Brave One Looking Inside All of Us. With your willingness and courage to look within, you address all that we fear within ourselves. You see both sides of issues and seek something more. By way of these realizations, you lead others on their own paths.

#8 Birth: The Master Creating the New Pathway. You so effectively manage the leadership role of life that you create new leaders and forge new pathways and ideas. This lucky number to the Chinese masters the true power that we have as humans.

#9 Birth: The Complete and Integrated Teacher. You are so full of knowledge and talent that what is left for you in completing your path is to teach others what you have learned. With this you open yourself to infinite new wisdom.

Knowing these inherent talents that are your birth-right and that you develop in childhood shows you the very special tools with which you seek your purpose in life. This number relates to your natural energy expression. Use these gifts wisely and the world is yours!

“Know that within your spiritual core you deserve abundance. Stay away from people who say otherwise. Take real action to make your goals happen. If you’re thinking about, but not taking steps in the direction of abundance, you’ll usually end up disappointed.”William ext. 5131

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308 thoughts on “Numerology: Your Birthday Number

  1. priyongboda

    my birthday is 17june 1991. so 1+7+0+6+1+9+9+1=34(3+4)=7. but, everybody said me my birthday number is 8. that’s why my life is full of sorrows. is it true? i am really interested to know about it.

    1. Chadd Bair

      Greetings My Fellow Truth Seeker!
      Let me clarify for you. Your Lifepath number is 7 – 16/7, to be more specific. You and I share the same one. We’ll discuss further after my second point, which is to explain that your “birthday number” is literally the day upon which you were born into this life – 17. This number does not require reduction. It signifies specific talents/gifts that will be of benefit to you during your Earthly journey and were bestowed upon you the day you were born.
      Back to your, OUR lifepath lol….
      Happy to report your correct lifepath number, but saddened to hear your perception of this life is one filled with sorrows. Please understand, I am not questioning your statement or trivializing negative personal experiences you have endured. I am simply relating to you that in MY experience, MY point of view(s) changed drastically (for the better!) as numerological enlightenment began to fill my soul. I sincerely hope the same will happen for you. I will be brief, but hope my message encourages you to seek further.
      As I said, your lifepath is 16/7. Let me demonstrate as I follow a slightly different formula than the one exhibited above. In my teachings, I learned to total the increments (month, day, year) in sequence separately, then add the totals of each three individual increments. Confused? Lol.. sorry!… As opposed to totalling one, long string of numbers:
      6 + 1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1,

      Sum the totals (completely reduced, except for 11 & 22 of course!) individually:

      6 plus
      1 + 7, or (8) plus
      1 + 9 + 9 + 1, or (20 – reduced 2 + 0, or ‘2’) =

      6 + 8 + 2 = 16 = 7
      Lifepath is 16/7
      Ta dah! Lol… 🙂

      You will reach the same single digit number using either method. However, the correlating numbers used to produce the number are significantly different. For example, twenty years of my life were spent studying the lifepath 25/7 as opposed to the CORRECT 16/7 that is the TRUE summation of my numerological birthright.
      I’m a sucker for details lol.
      Okay. Back to your original statement regarding your sorrows. Part of the reason for some of the negative experiences this life has dealt to you is in relation to the karmic number ’16’ of your lifepath. I dont want to go into too much detail here. Research this number and it will provide answers and explanations that will hopefully bring to you peace, understanding and the gift of acceptance as it did for me.
      I wish you blessings and happiness.
      GOOD LUCK!

      Chadd Bair
      Hot Springs, AR

  2. Marta

    To everyone who asked what to do if their birth number is 10, 11 or any other 2-digit number: YOU MUST ADD THE 2 DIGITS TOGETHER TO GET A ONE DIGIT NUMBER: for example, if your birthday numbers add up to 10, then add the 1+0 to arrive at 1. If you are an 11, you add the ones in eleven to arrive at 2.And so on…

  3. linda

    my husbands birthday is 8.31.1934 when totaled together comes out to 11. What am I doing wrong? Thanks….

  4. Adel

    im sorry i really dont understand my birthday is on july 3, 1964 could you please help me understand it . Thanks Adel

  5. Adel

    i dont understand this at all i was never good in math well adding, subtraction, mulitiplication, division ok but geometry, and all that other stuff no. My favorite subject was Spelling, Reading, Health. Please help my birthday is on July 3. 1964.

  6. maria


  7. Tim

    My birthday number is eleven. Im about to cancel my psychic readings
    Because really its nothing more than general info that can be applied to just about anyone at
    any given time. Put your faith in God because all this new age
    “Spirituality” is really just a bunch of crap

  8. Stefanie

    For everyone asking about 10, wouldn’t that be a 1?? 1+0=1 The whole point is to get it down to a single number.

  9. Victoria

    Hey Dave no 2 digit numbers, yours would be 1 as in 1+0=1, I have a master number of 221
    What about master numbers?

  10. Bianca

    For all of those who had a number 10 or 11 you have to add the numbers again until you only find a number between 1-9. So if you had a 10 it would be 1+0 =1. Same applies to 11, 1+1 =2. Hope it helps.

  11. Ken

    if ur total # is 2 numbers ex: 10, 11, 12, etc… then u add the 2 numbers to create 1 number


  12. jeanette

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    already. I want the nice advice about my business bec. I lose my store last year bec. of the hurricane
    and now I just have my small store. I just want my lucky advice and lucky numbers as well so that i can enjoy reading my physics everyday . I don’t want to read about love bec. is so boring that’swhy sometimes I don’t event want read my physics bec. it’s not interesting. ˜I want my physics how to change my new life and how mybusiness overcome this year. Hope that you can understand me thankyou.

  13. ajay

    what will be the birthday number of date of birth 15/04/1964 The sum come to 29 = 2+9= 11, kindly reply.

  14. Darlene

    I tried to figure out my Numberology, and it did not register between 1 through 9.
    My birthdate is: came out Eleven:11. How do I figure out my Numberology Birth Number?? Can someone help me. Thank you. Hope to hear from someone.

  15. Deborah

    What if your birth number is 11? Example Birthday is 9-4-1951. 9 plus 4 plus 1 plus 9, plus 5 plus 1 equals 29, and 2 plus 9 equals 11.

  16. Devora

    I read all and I have to thank you very much. You gave me a lot of strength and it came to me in a good time.
    Thank you again
    I love you


    my birth no is 7. but i have used so many times my birth number and it causes for so many loses in financial feild. my birth date is 31-10-1973.8.26 AM.NANDYAL.

  18. dan oliveras

    i fully realise my number path but have yet to understand where im going too many things in front of me to get the full picture .i keep getting a sense of dread,its very encompacing!

  19. Vinodkumar Panchal

    This month of May from 15th I am facing lots of problem at my work place. My company pulled out my vehicle and now I am unable to perform my job. I could not take right deccission wether I quit this job or I must continue. I also have lots of responsibility of my family. My wife frequently fall sick. In my life I never hurt anyone, but most of the people in my life cheated me and ditched me. I have three daughters and they are all grown up and not cooperating me. Please let me know what I must do?

  20. Mary Hevner

    Your numerology trick was spot on!! Please let me know when I can get a discount on another reading. You’ve never led me wrong! Thank You, Becky Hevner


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