Does Numerology Factor into Luck?

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It All Comes Down to a Number

There are certainly days, months, years and lifetimes that seem luckier than others. And the one thing that almost every moment of your life has in common with the spiritual cosmos is that it relates to a number. Every event in your life can be broken down to a day, hour, second, and then analyzed even further to include numbers in history and astrology. Is there untold magic in what the numbers could be trying to tell you?

Numbers are not all that untold or mysterious, and there is a very practical side to making your own luck using numerology as your guide. This could be your luckiest year ever if you take advantage of a few undeniable truths about using numbers to improve the outcomes in your life.

The Importance of Setting a Date

A lot of great things have never happened simply because they were never started. The first foot forward opens a lot of doors in your life. It brings new knowledge, introducing you to new people, and positions you in front of new paths you might have never seen. Numerology places a lot of importance on setting the right date to find a new relationship, a new job, or have your first child.

But what you might not consider is that some of the best numerical advice to succeeding in anything is to set a date and start doing it, period. Because without a starting date, there is a good chance that things will be put off another year or more. Good luck always favors those who start things as opposed to waiting on them.

Success in Numbers

If you’ve ever wondered if it were possible to be too anxious about making a single decision, the answer is yes, positively and absolutely. People use the phrase “make a careful decision” to denote taking extra time to ensure that a decision is correct. But if you take this message to the extreme, your anxiety is going to rob you from making happy mistakes (yes, these do exist), and finding better luck next time.

When you are focused on making one decision, you tend to miss obvious clues and resist following instincts (which are often right). You also tend to miss new opportunities because you leave yourself closed to other possibilities as they open around you. No decision is ever the “end all.” The more decisions you make each day, the more you will learn about yourself and the more likely you will eventually find your best possible outcome. The more times you do anything (right or wrong), the more luck you open yourself up to.

Play the Wild Card

The wild card can be anything you want. It can be any color, any suit, and yes, any number. Whenever you feel like you’ve exhausted all your opportunities in one area of life, you can always branch out into some uncharted territory using a wild card. Find a new mode of transportation to work, seek a new position at your job, or pick up a new hobby and make some new friends in the process.

If you play the same numbers all the time, you will eventually cease to look outside the box you’ve closed yourself within. Your world will grow smaller and opportunities will limit themselves. Luck is rarely discovered under the same rock, so make a habit to seek weekly adventures outside of your usual “numbers.”

Numbers Are Rarely Constant

Dates, times, and locations are constantly evolving, and this means that even when an outcome feels final, there is always a chance to achieve a better ending. Sometimes the numbers have less to do with how many things you’re juggling, and more to do with tending to the ones still on the table. If you keep an eye out for a positive twist to a bad outcome, quite often you will find one. It may have been there all along, but you had to process/accept the bad before you could recognize the good.

And once you realize good things can emerge from the bad, no matter how you play the numbers, you may find yourself blossoming into one of those happy-go-lucky types (which are arguably the luckiest people of all).

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  1. Daniela Carter

    There is no words to describe how this struck me and I’m so glad I read it. I wish I could save it and have it every day to look back at. We all have challenges. I’ve been through so many I can write a true story. There are no words to express my gratitude for sharing such to all. It’s very meaningful and a big eye opening.


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