Superstitions to Increase Your Team’s Chance of Winning

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The Road to Victory

Are you a sports fan? Who doesn’t want their team to take home the ultimate victory? Even if you don’t follow sports and need to change the subject with superstitions; we got you!  Here are some superstitions to prepare you for any big game day.

Cook Up a Win

On the morning of a game, cook up a storm of “superstitions” to help ensure the win! Awaking to prepare game day snacks at 10:00 AM is an unknown East Coast superstition. 1+0 is 1; therefore, their team will be #1 too! Making your sports food ritual inside of your kitchen is supposed to keep the positive energy feeding straight into the bellies of our favorite athletes. Note that eating chicken wings, chicken dip, artichoke dip, ordering pizza or grilling steak medium rare is thought to help produce a win.

Far away in Trinacria, Sicily, wise women with old-world spiritual practices will add extra salt to the buffet table to chase away any obstacles that may prevent a win! In other parts of the world, salt is thrown down to the floor to ward off any negative barriers that would interfere with the team’s stamina.

The Winning Attire

What you wore the last time your team won is what you need to wake up and wear again! Your wrinkled, smelly, old shirt captured the residual energy from the last win and can trigger and open up good mojo portals to force the clutch play of the current game! Oh, and if you genuinely want to win, you better skip the shower because it’s supposed to be bad luck if you shower the day of the big game!

Carrying around team memorabilia will increase the chances of your team stomping the daylights out of the other side! Have a lucky ball cap? Wear it!

Keeping your lucky amulets, mojo bags and lucky charms on you: a rabbit’s foot, coin, necklace & rings will help the odds of winning the big game too.

Lucky Number 7

Sevens are a big deal! It is said that the first team to make a score that has a seven in it is the team that will win! Some people draw the number 7 on their forehead to make sure the energy of the number 7 is sent out into the universe. Another superstition relating to seven is that if seven people are watching the game together, you will win!

In short, watching the game in the same place, same pub, favorite chair, with the same person, in your lucky underwear, with a 7 on your forehead helps ensure that a win is in your teams’ future! What we put out into the universe is energy, and if we put out excited and good energy the result can further validate superstitions.

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