Numerology: What’s Your Life Path Number?

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What Are Life Path Numbers?

In numerology, the answers (as you might guess) are in the numbers. Numbers can help you break down the patterns of the Universe and uncover important information about the cosmos’ plan for you. It can also give you the ability to recognize specific obstacles that are in your path, helping you overcome them so you can evolve individually and spiritually.

Your Life Path Number is arguably the most significant one in numerology. It is a road map to your future — it provides insight into why you’re here, what you excel in, and how you can use your talents to fulfill your destiny. It also tells you what, specifically, you’re here to learn in this lifetime. Your Life Path Number reveals your strengths and your weaknesses, which are very important to your soul’s evolution. If you want to increase your understanding of yourself and find the answers to questions about why you’re here or what you’re meant to do, your Life Path Number may just be the key.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

Life Path Numbers run from 1 through 9, though they also include the “Master Life Path Numbers:” 11, 22, and 33.

When calculating your Life Path Number, you will almost always simplify it down to a single digit unless you get one of the Master Numbers, which do not need to be reduced.

Numerology calculations are very literal. In other words, if you come up with a 12, in order to reduce that to a single digit you would add 1 + 2 to get the Life Path Number 3. If you get 14, you would add 1 + 4 to equal 5, and so on.

Below, you’ll find the formula to calculate your Life Path Number. First, write down your birthday as shown in the example, reducing any double-digit number to its lowest possible single digit. Second, write out the full equation, and do the math. If the answer you get is more than one digit long, you should then reduce it down to a single digit (excluding Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33).

After that, you will finally have your Life Path Number! Once you’ve completed your calculation, scroll down to the appropriate description to learn more about what it means for you!

An Example of a Life Path Number Calculation

Let’s use this example birth date: December 22, 1987 (or 12/22/1987).

Note: The day of the month is the 22nd. In this case, we would still reduce it down to a single digit. The Master Numbers (11, 22, and 33) are only kept if they show up in the second step.

Step One: Reduce each number—month, day, year—to its lowest individual digit.

December 22, 1987 or 12/22/1987

  • Month (12): 1 + 2 = 3
  • Day (22): 2 + 2 = 4
  • Year (1987): 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 = 25. Then simplified again to 2+5 = 7

Step Two: Add the three numbers together and reduce that answer to the lowest singular digit (no longer reducing Master Numbers).

  • 3 + 4 + 7 = 14
  • Then: 1 + 4 = 5

Thus, this person’s Life Path Number would be 5.

What Your Life Path Number Says About You

Look below for your Life Path Number and read on to discover what it reveals about your personality and inner nature. Note that these are more general descriptions, but if you have specific questions, a Life Path or Numerology Psychic can give you insight into how your Life Path Number can guide you through any number of situations that you may find yourself in.

Life Path Number 1 — Independent

You are a hard worker and born leader, and you would do best as your own boss. You overcome obstacles more easily than most other people. There’s something unique and special about you that drives you and doesn’t allow you to give up on something if you’re sure that it’s worth the effort. You have a pioneering spirit, and you prefer to live and work without restriction. People are drawn to the strong leadership abilities that you develop over time. No one starts out as a leader, but people born under the Life Path Number of 1 also possess maturity and humility.

Life Path Number 2 — Partnership

You see the best in everyone. You are loyal, honest, sensitive, and sincere, and you make an excellent mediator. You’re a visionary who has the ability to analyze almost any situation and bring it to an amicable resolution. You also have an affinity for music and a knack for creating a healing environment. You’ll excel in roles where you can help other people, such as massage or physical therapy. On the flip side, people with the Life Path Number 2 can be indecisive or even pessimistic. You expect a lot from yourself. Luckily, you can quickly turn any negative emotion into a more positive experience.

Life Path Number 3 — Creative

Many people with the Life Path Number 3 are writers, actors or artists. Your optimistic nature often uplifts the people around you. You live in the moment. You can be a force of nature, using your talents to inspire others. You can also be very sensitive, so it’s important that you don’t put too much emphasis on any negative comments or feedback you receive. If you do, you’ll hide yourself away for a time — though this may help you realize your next greatest project. There’s always an upside!

Life Path Number 4 — Organized

You like to build things from the bottom up. You’re an earthy soul who never shies away from hard work. Your loved ones will say that you’re reliable and responsible, and while you work well with others, you may also be slightly bossy. You’d do well to remember that not everyone has your sense of discipline or proclivity toward tenacity, and it can sometimes be beneficial to adopt a less rigid approach. You can excel in careers that revolve around management, law, banking, construction, and even agriculture or science.

Life Path Number 5 — Adventurous

You can’t seem to sit still. Your energy is magnetic and persuasive, and you enjoy your freedom. With your gift for speaking and expressing yourself, as well as your ability to motivate other people, you’d do really well in sales, promotional work, or even as a life coach or motivational speaker. You have the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. However, you like it most when it’s exhilarating and utilizes your gift of gab. You’ll benefit if you work on being more disciplined and less impulsive.

Life Path Number 6 — Compassionate

You have a warm, loving disposition. You love nurturing other people, and your favorite things are family and home. People often admire you; they find your kindness and your other positive traits attractive. You have an ability to ground those who are going through trying situations, so nursing or counseling may be interesting vocational options for you. People with the Life Path Number 6 also tend to be gifted in the areas of art, music, and healing. Additionally, they’re frequently good with animals.

Life Path Number 7 — Thinker

You don’t mind being alone. You have a deep spiritual side and are intuitive, often possessing a broad view of life and beyond. When it comes to socialization, you can be the life of the party, and you may even come forward and sing a song or perform a magic trick. At work, however, you prefer a more solitary environment. The challenge of people born with the Life Path Number 7 is maintaining and enjoying independence without also cutting off the outside world. Working in the fields of science, religion, or research can help you find that balance.

Life Path Number 8 — Visionary

You are often focused on security. You’re ambitious and good with business, possessing a strong grasp of how things work in the material world. Therefore, the acquisition of wealth isn’t unusual for people born under the Life Path Number 8. In fact, of all the Life Paths, 8 attracts financial success more than any other. You never have trouble getting people excited about your visions for greatness and expansion, but you’re also convinced that they don’t see things quite as you do, so you need to promote and encourage things from beginning to end. Publishing, real estate, politics, and finance are all endeavors that you could get involved in, as long as you leave room for yourself to expand.

Life Path Number 9 — Humanitarian

You like helping other people. You have a compassionate spirit. Like people born with the Life Path Number 1, you are a born leader. You tend to be socially conscious, but you’re also a dreamer who wants peace not just for you and your loved ones but for the world at large. Your desire for justice and fairness could lead you to experiment with fields related to the law, medicine, or environmentalism. Money made for the sake of accruing wealth alone will not fulfill you. As a giver, trying to better the lives of other people will bring you both spiritual and financial success.

Life Path Number 11 — Master Intuitive

You are highly sensitive and intuitive. You also connect with those in the spiritual realm quite easily. You could be a healer, a masseuse, an energy therapist, or a counselor. Once you’ve found your specific gift, you should use it to help others. You are related to Life Path Number 2 (Partnerships), representing your connection to both the spiritual world and the world of earthly, material reality. You were born with a specific role to play in life and your challenge is to find exactly what that is. To realize your gifts and fulfill your life’s path, you must prevent yourself from succumbing to self-doubt.

Life Path Number 22 — Master Builder

This is arguably the most powerful Master Number. You are very spiritual and may find yourself compelled to help others succeed. You are related to Life Path Number 4, but with twice the magnitude. Your thoughts have the power to manifest in reality. The saying “be careful what you wish for” is a literal statement for those with the Life Path Number 22. Your dreams will take time and maturity to realize, as it is through living life that you’ll find your true calling. Your challenge is to share your gift of vision with other people and to let people use that knowledge to build their own dreams — with your influence, and not your control. Learn to be more flexible so that you might better align with the flow of life.

Life Path Number 33 — Master Teacher

This is the rarest of the Master Numbers. You may be a spiritual leader and teacher. You have endless amounts of energy, as the combination of the 11 and 22 Master Numbers. You are also related to Life Path Number 6 (Compassionate), and your core is that of a humanitarian. Personal ambition is not a factor — unless that ambition is uplifting the energetic frequency of mankind. You might enjoy hobbies such as cooking, finding it a good way to relax after working on raising the consciousness of the earth’s inhabitants. You’re unique, and your gift should not be wasted.

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190 thoughts on “Numerology: What’s Your Life Path Number?

    1. LJ

      Dear Lysasang: Please go back and read the part where it says, “if you’re a 10, then you’re really a 1.” Life Path numbers are only single-digit, cardinal numbers 1-9 unless they are an 11, 22 or 33. But of course, being a 1, you probably wanted to cut to the chase and find the answer before reading the fine print – I understand. But you are a “1” – you’re a leader.

    1. Matea

      Because it doesn’t exist in numerology. There are numbers from 1-9, and master numbers 11 (2), 22 (4) and 33 (6). If you’re a 10, it means your life path number is 1.

    1. Delani

      THERE IS NO 10! Your life path number is 1 unless you get 11 22 33 as these are the only spiritual outlier. Every thing reduces to a single digit number 1-9 this however does not include 11 22 33 because like I said before spiritual outliers. So your life path number would be a 1 (1+0=1)

    1. Dena thee Relinquished Angel

      Your life path my number is actually 1
      1+2 is 3
      1+5 is 6
      1+9+6+3 is 19
      19+6+3 28
      Reduces to 1
      1+0 is 1

  1. ann

    help me here I was trying to do this
    born august 11 1957
    could not quite understand how to do this would like to know my life number ?

    1. Kyle

      Either way you are a 5 I even calculated it different because I kept the master numbers instead of reading the explanation on how to reach your life path number so august which is 8 is already a single digit number 11 1+1=2 and 1957 1+9+5+7=22 and 2+2=4 so 8+2+4=14 and finally 1+4=5 even keeping the master numbers 8+11+22=41 and 4+1=5 I just thought it was interesting that either way it came out to the same life number! I tried to comment before I fully understood but I read this…

      “Calculating Your Life Path Number

      Example Birth date: December 24, 1987 or 12/24/1987

      December is the 12th month of the year, so you would begin using number 12. November or 11 still gets reduced 1 + 1 = 2 (Master numbers 11, 22, and 33 are used only in the final calculation.)”
      However I thought it was interesting how even the wrong calculation came up with the same life number.

  2. Edward Stekar

    Hello C.P. .

    I have a question, concerning my Life’s Path…
    Okay, I was born on the 18th of May, 1967. Therefore, my Life’s path Number, is 10… But after doing the calculations, I can not see the meaning for number 10.

    Did I make a mistake or not ?? And if so, can you give me the correct answer..

    Thank You.. Edward..

    1. Kyle

      It means your life path number is 1 because 1+0=1 the only exceptions to single digit numbers would be 11, 22, and 33 which are considered master numbers in numerology

    1. Kyle

      1+3=4 it means you didn’t completely finish getting to the single digit number other then the 11, 22, and 33 but you are a 4.

  3. Betty

    Why did you jump over 10 on life path . you went from 9 to 11. how do you find out what 10 as a path number is for free.

  4. anjali Jain

    Hey htnx. today i got to know why i think so much and even so spiritually. coz my no. is 7. Thnx a ton.

    1. Kyle

      You’re an 11! One of the master numbers 8 and 6 are already single digit and 1+9+5+0=15 so 8+6+15=29 and finally 2+9=11

  5. Trevor Probherbs

    Hi my birthday is 4-9-1953 can you predict what my future has to offer me? Thank You. Trevor Probherbs

  6. Rubyha

    What is the life path number of someone born on 6th. December 1972?

    6+3+1+9= 19=10=1?

    Having trouble with 10


  7. Alvin

    How do i add the digits if the starting digits are of single………for instance my d.o.b is 9.7.1958?..,pls help me out on this

  8. Pat

    Your formula is VERY interesting,& I enjoyed figuring out my life number (7) as well as that of my children. Thank you. Pat

  9. Annie

    totally accurate. My Birthday is 10-30-1964, 1+3+2= equals exactly 6. I have been a caregiver for 30 years. I am asked where my compassion and patients come from on a regular basis. I believe I was born with the ability. This may sound strange, but due to the fact I have been around many deaths it took me awhile not to get suicidal at the point my friend was passing on, I now see it as a extention to the life process and not the end. But in the beginning
    I tried to go before my time, and God spoke to me and said you do that again and I will give you another 90 years with a earthly body and life. I never believed in reincarnation as a Jesus loving women, but I know if I was to take my own life I would be back where I started from. Its hard to get people to believe God spoke to me, Reincarnation was not meantioned, but I know thats what he meant. At church they preach suicide sends you directly to hell, but I believe as humans we don’t know of all Gods plans and should never speak like we do. I have learned to be open minded and realized to be truly happy I must pray for my enemys, It has removed bitterness from my heart, God never said it would be easy, but I choose LIFE, the good ,the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. I hope my story helps someone know they are not alone. Warmest Regards, Annie -One last note, Concentrate on the day at a time, not the destination.

  10. Gebrehiwot Asmelash

    I always received my daily tarot reading from you. First I would llike to send my profound thanks.

    I am an Ethiopian man live in Ethiopia Addis Ababa. I born in Tigrai Region in a small village. My parent’s were farmers. They were not educated people. They were not writing their children’s brith day. Therefore, the date which I fill is not exact date of my brith.
    How could I knew my Exact brithday?

  11. VJ

    I am a Master 11, and over the past 20 years engaged in various spiritual disciplines. I have worked as a legal secretary since 1984, but Pluto recently left my 6th house, and left me without a job. I have been advised to become a teacher of middle grade children or perhaps work in a library.

    It’s too bad that the hardships I have endured in life have led me through Dante’s Inferno, only to find out that I should have become a teacher.



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