How To Do a Cord-Cutting Ritual

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What Is Cord Cutting?

Most people have heard it at some point — that age-old advice: “it’s time to cut the cord!” That idiom has more to it than metaphorical wisdom. “Cord cutting” is actually a ritual, one that can deeply change the path that an individual is on. Not unlike chakras and auras, “cords” are a metaphysical construct. People create them when they form attachments, and when things go wrong, they can become unhealthy fixations that may unbalance someone’s personal energy.

That figurative “cord” may be your tie to a person or place, though it can also be to an inanimate object, a mythos, or even a missed goal that you once set for yourself. Whatever your cord is bound to, it is usually something that is preventing you from moving on. Often, cord-cutting rituals are used for ex-lovers, ex-friends, and former workplaces.

If you are going through a breakup or even trying to rekindle an old flame, cord-cutting may ease your way by helping you let go of past resentments. You’ll probably need to take time to reflect and identify what exactly is causing you grief, but once you do, cord-cutting may be just the thing to try.

By clearing your energy, cord-cutting rituals can provide peace of mind and help you find clarity about what you should do next. It removes negativity, setting you on the road toward healing. Removing these toxic attachments in your life can also lift the roadblocks that may have kept you from love or success.

A Basic Cord-Cutting Ritual

Cord-cutting rituals contain some basic elements that remain mostly consistent across the board. However, this process is absolutely open to personalization. After all, it’s all about removing an attachment from yourself, so trust your intuition and spiritual guides. Let them lead you as you customize the cord-cutting ritual to your preferences and needs.

One easy way to do this is to follow your instincts when choosing what items you’re going to incorporate. If you have an altar, for instance, consider briefly adding items that remind you of the relationship or life choice that you are trying to leave behind. Also note that while it is technically possible to cut multiple cords at once, it’s probably wisest to only do one at a time, especially if this is your first cord-cutting ritual or you are attempting to sever a particularly strong attachment.

Refresh Yourself

First, clean your physical self to prepare for the cord-cutting ritual. Consider also treating this as an opportunity to indulge in some self-care! You could take a bath with some soothing salts mixed into the water to draw out negativity. If you prefer showers, you can hang bundles of rosemary or eucalyptus in the bathroom with you, as these will add a purifying element to the steam. This is a great place for you to add a personal touch or two. There are plenty of free or low-cost household items with energy-cleansing properties that you can incorporate into this step. Do whatever will make you feel most comfortable and refreshed before you proceed with the rest of the cord-cutting ritual!

Prepare Your Space

Next, clear a space for you to perform the ceremony. This can be in your home if that’s where you’re most comfortable, or it can be outdoors if you’d prefer to add nature’s grounding capabilities to the mix. It’s worth noting that if the cord in question is tied to a particular place, it’s best to perform the ritual there if possible. If you can’t, having a drawing or photograph of the place on hand should suffice. Likewise, if your tie is to an ideology or piece of negative self-talk, write those things down! Furthermore, when preparing a place for the ritual, keep things fire-safe and have an extinguisher on hand in case you decide you want to burn that piece of paper.

Cut the Cord

Now that you’ve prepped both yourself and your space, it’s time for the main event: the cord-cutting itself. Most of the time, the cord is literal. You can represent your connection to this anchor with a piece of string, rope, or twine, and literally snip it with a pair of scissors.

However, if you don’t like that option, you can also imagine the cord in your mind’s eye. If that’s your preference, close your eyes and visualize the stream of energy that is tethering you to whatever you want freedom from. It’s quite common to think of the cord as being attached to your heart or mind, but don’t worry too much about what it “should” look like. Just think about it in whatever way feels right to you.

Regardless of which method you choose, you should then mentally or verbally acknowledge the cord and what it signifies to you. Focus on letting go and releasing the cord. If you’re doing this physically, cut the cord in half. It is imperative that you choose not to harbor any anger or resentment. Instead, let strength flow back into your mind and soul.

If there is an object that represents or is connected to your cord, and you can bear to part with it, plan to sell or donate it. If you really want to keep it or you no longer have it, picture the object in your mind and choose to let go of the associations you have with it. This is also the time to burn any images or pieces of paper that link you to this old bond (so long as you have the appropriate safety equipment on hand, of course).

Manifesting Your Future

After you perform your cord-cutting ceremony, it’s extremely important that you take some time to reflect on what you’d like your life to look like as you move forward. Meditation and journaling are two excellent tools that can help you with this.

As you do so, focus on attracting positive attachments and setting healthy boundaries. Be aware that this is not the time to think about the negative attributes you want to avoid. The cord-cutting ritual is about leaving those things behind. Let this new era be filled with hope and clarity.

Throughout your life, you can complete cord-cutting rituals as often as you feel is necessary, and you can even call upon the assistance of trained professionals, something which may be helpful when dealing with a particularly strong or toxic cord. If that’s the case, or if you just want to discuss your plans for the future so you can avoid needing such a ritual again, consider reaching out to a Love or a Life Path Psychic for support.

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