Pluto Retrograde: Natal Chart, Effects, Meaning, and More

Pluto Retrograde Natal Chart, Effects, Meaning | California Psychics

A Retrograde of Change

Pluto is the god of the underworld and the co-ruler of Scorpio (along with its other co-ruler, Mars) and it is all about power, sex, death, rebirth, and renewal. It is also an uncanny detective, for this intense planet of transformation is known for its ability to drag that which is in the dark out into the light so something new can be born. Pluto is all about destroying what no longer serves you to create change that is ultimately for the better.

The Meaning of Pluto Retrograde

Pluto can be rough, and when it is in retrograde it can be rougher still. Pluto Retrograde (also known as Pluto Rx) acts as a wake-up call to take control of your life by forcing you to reckon with your shadow side, meaning the parts about you that you may not much like. Negative thoughts or unaccepted desires have been kept in your shadow box since you were a kid, but Pluto Retrograde has come to open the lock and let the hidden things out so you can deal with them, face to face. There’s nothing to fear. It may not be easy, but by reflecting upon, facing, and then releasing this inner darkness stuffed with all its guilt, shame, and pain, you will be set upon a healing path and ultimately become free in ways you couldn’t be otherwise.

What to Expect from Pluto Retrograde

Since this retrograde occurs in Capricorn, you can look forward to some hard work (Capricorn’s favorite thing). Everyone will have to be honest with themselves about why certain habits continue to be counterproductive to their well-being. This will happen on a personal level and a societal level, and every zodiac sign will feel the heat. For example, on a more intimate scale, we might learn about someone having an affair or discover that a so-called friend has been secretly saying or doing mean things. On a broader scale, we might see what is buried come to light in the government and witness a massive transformation in both our country and the rest of the world.

The key to getting through the purge of Pluto Retrograde with the least pain is to surrender any resistance to it. Decide you are willing to change, and let it flow into the areas of your life that need transformation. If there’s something specific you want to change, Pluto Rx gives you the power to do it and can help show you what to do with what it uncovers in your psyche so you can release your inner darkness and begin healing your inner child. If it feels overwhelming, this is a perfect time to turn to a qualified therapist, healer, psychic, or good friend.

Pluto Retrograde in the Natal Chart

We have personal planets and outer planets in our birth charts. The personal, or inner, planets are the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars because they are closest to Earth and therefore, to us. Jupiter and Saturn are considered social planets, for they stand between the personal and other-worldly influences and affect both us and society as a whole. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are transpersonal planets that move very slowly and influence the higher octaves of both personal and generational spiritual consciousness and evolution. It can help to know that outer planets are thought to have less impact on you as an individual than personal planets unless they form strong aspects to our sun, moon, ascendant, and any other sensitive area in your chart.

If you have a retrograde planet in your natal (birth) chart, it can be a bit easier for you to ride out that planet’s retrograde transits, because you were born with it, and you have already found ways to compensate for any curveballs it may have thrown you throughout your life. For example, if you have Pluto Rx in your birth chart, this could mean (among other things) that it was difficult for you to come to terms with your personal power until you grew into it over time.

When transiting Pluto alights upon any of your natal planets, it will be there a while, for about three years. Thankfully, Pluto’s retrograde in 2022 is a little less than six months. Check which house Pluto Retrograde is transiting in your birth chart, and you will see what area it means for you to work on in your life. If you don’t have your birth chart yet, you can join California Psychic’s Karma Rewards program and receive your complimentary birth chart. And if you need help interpreting it, a reading with one of our expert Astrology Psychics can help you understand what to expect from the upcoming Pluto Rx.

Pluto Retrograde in the Houses

First House

Pluto Retrograde will set about transforming your very identity. It will affect your surface appearance and the depths of your soul. It will help you dig down inside and fling out anything that has prevented you from becoming your true self.

Second House

What was once important to you may no longer hold as much sway if it has ceased to serve you. You will reflect on what you value most at this time, especially as it pertains to your inner resources, your finances, and your morals.

Third House

You will be called to focus on changing the way you communicate with siblings, relatives, and neighbors, and even how you talk to and about yourself. Your need to be understood will be so great that you may do a complete overhaul in how you think and speak.

Fourth House

This Pluto Retrograde can help you do a house-cleaning of the highest magnitude, both physical and emotional. This transformation will result in a purge that helps you release old family hurts and frees you to create the kind of home and family you’ve wanted for so long.

Fifth House

You will be asked to dive deep into what gives you real pleasure, happiness, and joy. You will be transformed in how you give and receive love in all its forms, especially romantic. You might feel like you’ve become a kid again, free to create without a care. You may discover things about your children that will assist you in opening up a whole new world for them.

Sixth House

Expect physical and professional regeneration, and the ability to fix any bad habits that are getting in the way of your health and work. If you find you are sacrificing too much for others, you may stop doing that and create greater balance by giving to yourself as well.

Seventh House

Pluto Rx will do what needs to be done. Your most significant relationship will either blast apart or blossom into something wondrous. Any partnership will be closely examined to see if it fits what you need, and if it doesn’t, you will gladly let it go. If it does, you will both work hard to rebuild it into something better than before.

Eighth House

Your income and finances might change, but with Pluto Rx at the helm, any apparent loss could transform into a real win. You could also receive an inheritance or raise that you don’t expect. You will be reevaluating shared resources, finances, sex, and taboos, and you will have the courage to cleanse, purify, redeem, and experience a kind of rebirth in these areas.

Ninth House

Your education, higher values, and spiritual viewpoint may all undergo transformation. You may travel to new frontiers. You will set about restructuring what you believe in, which may not be easy to do, but it will be life-changing and ultimately worthwhile.

Tenth House

You will step into your own authority, which may include breaking away from an oppressive authority figure. You could well change direction in your career, walking away from a job that no longer feels right to you and taking a new job that feels amazing. Prepare to make a leap up the golden ladder of success.

Eleventh House

Pluto Rx demands either/or, black/white, all/nothing, with no grey area in between. This is when you will find out who your real friends are. If you need to let go of frenemies, the friends that remain will be true. You will study your heart’s desires, take what is worthy and discard the rest, and set about manifesting them with Plutonian power.

Twelfth House

Here is where you will do your deepest work on the psychic plane, piercing into your subconscious mind and observing all the wounds, hurts, and awful experiences buried there. This is when they will surface to be released so you can stop working against yourself at last and begin to fully love yourself.

Pluto Retrograde 2022

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn occurs April 29, 2022-Oct. 8, 2022, Pluto will seem to be spinning backward and turning its energies inward as it takes us deep inside ourselves for the purpose of revealing our hidden inner shadow. We’ve been in Pluto’s pre-retrograde–or shadow–phase since January 6, 2022, concurrent with Mercury Retrograde from January 14, 2022-February 3, 2022, and Venus Retrograde from December 19, 2021-January 29, 2022, which can explain why this year felt a bit stressful from the start. Pluto Rx comes out of its post-retrograde shadow on January 29, 2023.

A Time of Rebirth

Remember that Pluto Retrograde, although he can be hard to bear, is destroying what is hurtful within you so you can uncover your dark side, release it, and begin your healing by integrating your shadow side into your inner light. Surrender to this walk of fire and witness it as a magical metamorphosis into the peace, joy, and happiness that comes from soul-healing. See yourself rising like the phoenix from the ashes into a fresh new beginning, whole, renewed, and free.

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  2. Carmen

    Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy receiving my Horoscope daily. So much to learn. Gives me insight to what’s on the way.


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