Red Responds: Galactic Equinox

David in Ringwood writes:

Hi Red, I read your response to a question asked of you about 2012. There is something interesting about that date, which not many are aware of. In fact, it is literally a once-in-a-soul’s lifetime event on this planet as it only occurs every 250,000 years and that is Galactic Equinox.

This happens because our solar system, which is not static, moves up and down in a periodic cycle. What is happening here is that our solar system is moving across the equator of our galaxy. I am more inclined to believe this is why we are heating up more than we should in respect to global warming. You can actually track this event using astronomical star charts such as Skyglobe for example. This event also appears to fall around December 21, 2012. My question to you is what is your opinion about this?


Dear David,


I see that you are a gentleman and a scholar!


What you say does make sense, and as a free-thinking person, I do tend to agree with you on why our planet is heating up. As a psychic, I’ve got nothing to say that you aren’t correct, but I do get that little, “there’s more to this story than I’m getting” feeling. It’s not something I can explain or define, just comes with the whole Clairvoyant thing.


I live in a weird world – one in which I get information relative to things I personally know little to absolutely nothing about. Making sense of that information, and then trying to articulate it, can often be challenging!


When it comes to astronomy, one could say that I know just enough to be dangerous, as they say. On the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012, the Galactic Equator, or center of the Milky Way, will cross the ecliptic in Sagittarius, where the dark rift of the Milky Way begins. Exactly what this means for us all is up for great debate… but one thing is certain: Only time will tell.

Many blessings,
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