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What Romance is to Each Zodiac Sign

What Romance is to Each Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

Love is in the Air for the Zodiac Signs

Love and romance really do make the world go ‘round. The mystery and excitement of romance fills you up to the overflowing brim with giddy glee all through your heart, body, and soul. There’s nothing quite like it to buoy you up with sheer happiness, and whether you’re involved or single and looking, if you want more romance, and of course you do, here is a guide to what romance is to each zodiac sign. For greater insight, be sure to read your, and your beloved’s, sun and rising signs, and throw in the moon too.


When they want you, they have to have you. It may take some time, because they must overcome their fear of losing their independence as well as find someone who meets their rather particular ideals. But once they realize you are who they’ve been searching for, the Ram will instantly make their intensely romantic moves to win, or rather conquer, your heart.


The Bull must possess you and your heart. Once they do, you will relish being owned by them, body and soul. With them, it’s forever. These tender romantics will write you sweet poems as they feed you your favorite delicacies by hand. They diligently strive to overcome any long-distance issues, for they must be able to touch you.


It’s a good thing love begins in the brain, for that is how to capture the hearts of the Twins. Yes, you are in love with two people. The more, the merrier, for they really do make romance double the fun. They will flirt outrageously with you, taking delight in thrilling you with especially naughty double-entendres.


The Crab wants to take you home, cuddle you, feed you, and nurture you, as long as they know that there’s money in the bank and the bills are paid. Yes, security is a turn-on for the Crab. They need the sense that everything’s being taken care of in order to fully relax and delight in the wonder of loving you.


Come be warmed by the steady fire of the Lion’s passionate love. They romance you with the fierce heat of the sun. They want to roll around in a glorious lovefest with you like high-octane catnip and watch you squee with joyous glee when they take you into the city to see their proposal to you, done in neon lights for all the world to witness. The Big Cat loves with big style.


The loving and loyal Virgin wants to understand how your mind and your body works and will strive hard to win you. They adore exploring you, (*ahem*) plumbing deeply. They might even try to set days and times for sweet, sweet lovemaking and need to be gently reminded that this cannot always be tightly scheduled, as occasional spontaneity is highly beneficial to you both.


The Venusian lives for love and romance. They were born understanding tender romantic gestures and it is their bliss to show you affection with love notes, flowers, and your favorite sweets. Thoughtful, gentle, loving Libra looks after you. The little things they do all day for you are foreplay for the warm nights of intimate bliss.


Mysterious and exciting, the Scorpion loves like the sea, deep and true blue. Be ready for their romantic tidal waves of passion. They show love by generously giving you what they already know you most want and need. Tender and sensitive, they lovingly bear witness to your soul. They see you. They love you with fierce devotion, every part of you, forever.


The naturally romantic Archer (remember that Cupid shoots arrows into your heart, too) tends to remember important dates like your birthday. They can be quite generous in giving you gifts of every kind that they know you’ll delight in, be they for your heart or your body. They keep love real and honest, so if they tell you that you look wonderful in your outfit, trust that you do.


A solid, real, and trustworthy relationship is what makes the romance-juice flow for the Goat. Once trust is in place, they can be very loving and open, with some healthy lust mixed in. They will show you their love in tangible ways, like making sure the power bill is paid in full and on time, and they will spend as lavishly on you as they are able. And they are so very able.


The Water-Bearer sees through your façade, and deep into your heart, for they have the superpower of x-ray vision. They intuit your depths with electrifying ease. They understand innately that true friendship is the solid foundation upon which to build committed romantic love. They deepen your love bond as they show you what true devotion is.


The idealistic Fish will make every sacrifice for love. These compassionate, tender, giving lovers, who are really good in bed, are hopeless romantics. They breathe romance and are imaginative in finding how to love you in ever more wonderful ways. You’ll get lost in each other and it will be the poignantly beautiful kind of lost that feels exactly like being found.

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